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Complete Manufacturer List

[TFC] 25th Century Games [FGR] 4Ground Miniatures
[AAW] AAW Games [AYG] Academy Games
[AKG] Action Phase Games [ADA] Ad Astra Games
[ASS] Adam's Apple Games [AKI] AK Interactive, S.L.
[AEG] Alderac Entertainment Group [AAE] Alligator Alley Entertainment
[AMM] AMMO by Mig Jimenez [AHP] Angry Hamster Publishing
[APU] Arc Dream Publishing [AWG] Arcane Wonders
[ARK] Archon Studio [ARQ] Archona Games
[ARC] Arcknight [AGS] Ares Games
[ARM] ArmsKeeper Hobby Accessories [AAX] Artana
[ADM] Artizan Designs [ASM] Asmodee Editions
[ATG] Atlas Games [AUT] Autarch LLC
[AOW] Avatars of War [BGG] Baba Geek Games
[BAD] Badger Air-Brush Company [BAN] Bandai Hobby
[BAS] Bandai Hobby [BAI] Bandua Wargames
[BNG] Bannan Games [BAT] Battle Systems
[BPI] Battlefield Press [BFM] Battlefront Miniatures
[BCW] BCW Supplies [BED] Bedrock Games
[BWR] Bellwether Games [BEZ] Bezier Games
[BPN] Blue Panther Games [BTD] Board to Death
[BOM] Bombshell Miniatures [BRN] Brain Games USA
[BTG] Bravely Told Games [BGZ] Breaking Games
[BGM] Brotherwise Games [BHH] Brouhaha Games
[BIL] Burnt Island Games [CW0] Cakebread & Walton
[CWE] Candlewick Entertainment [CWE] Candlewick Entertainment
[ONI] Carpe Omnis Games [CAT] Catalyst Game Labs
[CPH] Cephalofair Games [CZG] Cezium Games
[CHA] Chaosium [CAG] Cheapass Games
[CHX] Chessex Manufacturing [CZG] Chipsterzone Games, LLC
[CHB] Chronicle Books & Partners [CHC] Chronicle City
[COA] Clash of Arms [CMW] Clerics of the Midwest
[CDM] Cloudbreak Games, LLC [CEW] Collins Epic Wargames
[CPS] Compass Games [CCM] Copplestone Castings
[COR] Corvus Belli (Infinity) [CFG] Crafty Games
[CGS] Creative Games Studio [CUR] Creature Curation
[CRI] Crit Hit Ceramics [CZE] Cryptozoic
[CYC] Crystal Caste [CB7] Cubicle 7 Entertainment
[CTM] Customeeple [DMG] Daily Magic Games
[DVG] Dan Verssen Games [DSM] Dark Sword Miniatures
[DGD] Dead Gentlemen Productions [DCG] Decision Games
[DWG] Deep Water Games [DWE] Devious Weasel Games
[DEV] Devir Games [DHT] Dice Hate Me Games
[DKP] DKP Accessories [DCR] Double Critical
[DRT] Dr Tabletop [DIN] Draco Ideas
[DAO] Draco Studios [DSH] Dragon Shield
[DFI] Dragonflower INK [DLE] Draw Lab Entertainment
[DFG] Dream Forge Games [DP9] Dream Pod 9
[DZC] Dropzone Commander [DGE] Dude Games
[DYS] Dyskami Publishing Company [ERP] e-Raptor Games
[FDD] Eagle-Gryphon Games [EDN] Eden Studios
[ELZ] Elzra Games (formerly Sands of Time) [ETG] End Transmission Games
[EVG] Evan's Games [EEG] Everything Epic
[EHP] Evil Hat Productions [EXO] Exod Studio
[XRP] Expeditious Retreat Press [FFG] Fantasy Flight Games
[FFE] Far Future Enterprises [FAS] FASA
[FGO] Fat Goblin Games [FFN] Final Frontier Games
[FSW] Final Sword Productions [FRG] Fireforge Games
[FRK] Firelock Games [FSD] Fireside Games
[FGL] Flatworks Gaming [FBI] Flying Buffalo Games
[FFP] Flying Frog Productions [FFA] Formal Ferret Games
[FLF] Free League [FBM] Freebooter Miniatures
[FLG] Frontline Gaming Mats [FNF] FunForge
[GDZ] Gadzooks Gaming [GAL] Galakta
[GF9] Gale Force Nine [GAK] Gallant Knight Games
[GAA] Game and a Curry, LLC [GOH] Game of HAM
[GSU] Game Salute [GTL] Game Tank
[GTL] Game-Tank LLC [GLG] Gamelyn Games
[GGR] Gamers Grass [GPS] GamesPlus Products
[GGP] Gaming Paper [GKG] Gate Keeper Games
[GCT] GCT Studios [GGC] Geek Grind Coffee
[GON] GeekOn! [GNS] Genius Games
[GIP] Giant in the Playground [GMT] GMT Games
[GMG] Goodman Games [OOC] Gorilla Games
[GRL] Grail Games [GGD] Grand Gamers Guild
[GEG] Great Escape Games [GTG] Greater Than Games
[GCG] Green Couch Games [GRR] Green Ronin Publishing
[GNG] Greenbrier Games [GFN] Grey for Now
[GFG] Grey Fox Games [GGG] Grey Ghost Press
[GGM] Griggling Games [GPB] Gripping Beast
[HAB] HABA USA [HAL] Hall or Nothing
[HFM] Hasslefree Miniatures [HDF] Hawk Wargames
[HPS] Hit Point Sales LLC [HTM] Hitech Miniatures
[HYC] Hypercube Games [IBC] Indie Boards & Cards
[IGA] Indie Game Alliance [IGD] Indie Game Developer Network
[INB] Infinite Black [IUG] Inside Up Games
[IWM] Iron Wind Metals [JAS] Jasco Games
[JBM] JBM Press [JBG] Jellybean Games
[JEE] Jimmy Ellerth Entertainment [JWP] John Wick Presents
[JRG] Jolly Roger Games [JUE] JUEGORAMA
[JSG] Junk Spirit Games [JUW] Juweela Scenics
[KAR] Karwansaray Publishers [KEG] Keep Exploring Games
[KER] Kerberos Productions [KYM] Keymaster Games
[KST] Knight Models [KOB] Kobold Press
[KOP] Koplow Games [KRF] Kraftmark
[KRO] Kromlech Bits & Accessories [LFP] Lamentations of the Flame Princess
[LCW] Laser Craft Workshop [LWS] Lay Waste Games
[LED] Leder Games LLC [LGP] Legendary Games
[LRT] Legendary Realms Terrain [LWG] Legion Wargames
[LRS] Linea Rossa Games LLC [LWE] Lone Wanderer Entertainment
[LOR] LoreSmyth [LUC] Lucid Eye Publications
[MGC] Mantic Games [MJD] Mariucci J. Designs, LLC
[MDG] Mayday Games [MLV] Melior Via, LLC
[MET] Metallic Dice Games [MZG] MetaZoo Games
[MAS] Micro Art Studios [MRM] Mierce Miniatures
[MIL] Milliput [MNI] Minion Games
[MUH] Modiphius Entertainment [MGP] Mongoose Publishing
[MFC] Monster Fight Club [MKG] Monte Cook Games
[MYI] Mystic Tiger Games, LLC [NVM] Nevermore Games
[NRG] Nord Games [NOF] Norse Foundry
[NSG] North Star Games [NOR] North Star Miniatures
[NSB] Not-So-Bored Games [ODM] ODAM Publishing
[ONK] Oink Games [ODW] One Day West Games
[OSS] One Small Step Games [ONX] Onyx Path Publishing
[OMG] OOMM Games [OSP] Osprey Publishing
[OWG] Overworld Games [PZO] Paizo
[PAN] Pandasaurus Games [PAR] Para Bellum Wargames Ltd.
[PGH] Pegasus Hobbies [PSD] Pegasus Spiele
[PEL] Pelgrane Press [PFX] Pencil First Games, LLC
[PNH] Pendelhaven Games [PEX] Perplext
[PRM] Perry Miniatures [PEG] Petersen Games
[PIR] Pirate Lab [PHG] Plaid Hat Games
[PCG] Plast Craft Games [PSC] Plastic Soldier Company
[PLE] Playroom Entertainment [PKT] Poketto
[PHD] PolyHero Dice [PLG] Portal Games
[PSP] Post Scriptum [PIP] Privateer Press
[PIC] Prodos Games [PLL] Project Lux
[PAM] Pulp Alley [QNG] Queen Games
[RRG] R&R Games [RTG] R. Talsorian Games
[RPR] Reaper Miniatures [RBD] Red Beam Designs
[RVM] Red Raven Games [RES] Resonym Games
[REO] Restoration Games [RIO] Rio Grande Games
[RVH] River Horse Games [R4I] Role 4 Initiative LLC
[R17] Room 17 Games [ROX] Roxley Games
[RSG] Rumbleslam Games [SAF] Safari LTD
[SSB] Savage Sand Box [SFZ] Schuman Family Games
[SMM] Scibor Monstrous Miniatures [SWM] Secret Weapon Miniatures
[SLK] Sleeve Kings [SFG] Slugfest Games
[SMZ] Smart Zone Games [SND] Smirk & Dagger Games
[SPC] Spellcrow Miniatures [SPN] Spin Master
[DTJ] Splattered Ink Games [SGB] Spyglass Games
[STF] Steamforged Games [SJG] Steve Jackson Games
[SBE] Stone Blade Games [STM] Stonemaier Games
[STC] Stormcrest Games [SMG] Strategemata Games
[SHG] Stronghold Games [S2P] Studio 2 Publishing
[STU] Studio Tomahawk [SEZ] Summon Entertainment
[TSL] TableStar Games [TSS] Talon Strikes Studio
[TTT] Tasty Minstrel Games [3WS] Th3rd World Studios
[TAK] Thames & Kosmos [TAP] The Army Painter
[GHG] The Gallant Hands Gamers Gear [MGW] The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare
[USP] The United States Playing Card Co [TWK] Thunderworks Games
[THG] TinkerHouse Games [TTS] TinkerTurf
[TOM] Tomb Guardians [TLG] Troll Lord Games
[TTC] TTCombat [TLC] Twilight Creations Inc.
[UST] UberStax [ULI] Ulisses Spiele
[UPE] Ultra Pro Entertainment [UPR] Ultra-Pro
[VAL] Vallejo Paint [VRG] Van Ryder Games
[VRG] Van Ryder Games [VAT] Vatican Painter Products
[VPG] Victory Point Games [GWL] Vigour Games
[WCL] Warcadle Studios [WEX] Warcradle Studios
[MTH] Warcradle Studios [WSA] Warcradle Studios
[WAL] Wargames Atlantic [WLG] Warlord Games
[WMQ] Wayward Masquerade [WNG] Why Not Games
[WDF] Wildfire LLC [WNB] Winsor & Newton Brushes
[WWG] Wise Wizard Games [WOC] Wizards of the Coast
[WSC] Woodland Scenics [WFG] Word Forge Games
[WPU] Worthington Publishing [WYR] Wyrd Miniatures
[YAR] Yarro Studios [YMG] Your Move Games
[ZAF] Zafty Games [ZTD] Ziterdes Terrain
[ZSZ] Zu Tiles LLC