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Retail Launch Bundle that includes: GF9ALIENS01 $60.00 Aliens - Another Glorious Day In The Corps (co-op boardgame based on the hit movie) GF9ALIENS02 $30.00 Aliens: Ultimate Badasses Expansion GF9ALIENS03 $60.00 Aliens: Get Away from her you B*tch! Expansion
Originally released in 2010, Florenza is a high complexity resource management game, in which accurate planning and precise management of workers and resources are crucial to victory. No mistake will be forgiven.

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Hey folks!

We got lucky, and cut a deal that will get us MORE AKI, at better prices! The line is now 45% OFF SRP across the board!

If you don't yet have one of these slick AKI SPRAYS racks in your store, you are seriously missing out. If you read this and want one, call Phil at the sales office and you might just get a few more bucks off that - pays to read the entire post!

I just got samples of the new KOLINSKY SABLE brushes that AKI will be introducing soon, and let me tell you, they are magnificent. Get those Warbox requests in ASAP!

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