Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps is a co‑operative survival board-game.

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In this first expansion to Wingspan, we increase the scope of the world to include the regal, beautiful, and varied birds of Europe. These birds feature a variety of new abilities, including a number of birds with round end abilities, abilities that increase interaction between players, and birds that benefit from excess cards/food. Along with the new bonus cards, they’re designed to be shuffled into the original decks of cards (and cards from future expansions).

The European Expansion also includes an additional tray for storing the growing collection of birds (past, present, and future), as well as 15 purple eggs, extra food tokens, and a colorful new scorepad designed for both multi-player and single-player scoring.

Featured Components

  • 81 bird cards (all unique, all new)

  • 15 egg miniatures (purple)

  • 5 bonus cards

  • 4 Automa cards (2 of which are bonus cards)

  • 1 custom tray with lid

  • 1 scorepad (multi-player on one side, solo on the other)

  • 1 rulebook

  • 5 goal tiles

  • 38 food tokens

  • 1 reference tile

  • 1 box (296x144x80mm; 0.7 kg)


Release Details

  • Preorder from Stonemaier Games on November 6.

  • Worldwide retail release date on November 22, 2019 (MSRP: $25; SKU: STM901)

  • Limited copies available at Essen Spiel 2019 from Feuerland (German) and Matagot (English & French)

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