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The popularity of the at-home escape room titles in the EXIT: The Game series is still on the rise (over 4 million units sold worldwide), and the Adventure Games promise a similarly thrilling experience.

In each Adventure Games title, players take part in a story that unfolds over three chapters. Working together, they explore places and objects to navigate through the story and determine how it ends. Similar to a PC adventure game, these innovative storytelling games are exciting to the end!

Available next month, the Adventure Games have already generated a lot of buzz and anticipation! Haven't heard of them yet? Here are some fast facts about the series:
Storytelling games: Players are immersed in the world of the game and take on the roles of characters in the story.
Cooperative: Teamwork is essential as all players decide the course of the story together.
Beginner-friendly: Simple rules and mechanics get players started right away.
Competitive price point: MSRP $19.95 for over four hours of playtime.
100% unplugged: App not required! An optional audiobook is available to download through the Kosmos Helper App for iOS, Android, and Fire.
Sounds an awful lot like EXIT: The Game? Yes, these series are complementary, but there are some key differences:
Replayability: While games in the EXIT series sometimes require destroying components to solve the riddles, the Adventure Games contain enough story content to be played multiple times with three or four possible outcomes over a variety of different paths.
Pause & Resume Play: The Adventure Games offer a longer play experience and factor in areas throughout the story where the game can be paused and resumed during your next game night (note: marathon gaming sessions also allowed!).
Plot-focused vs. Puzzle-focused: The Adventure Games focus on the storyline and how it develops based on players' choices and actions, while EXIT games concentrate on riddle-solving to advance through the game.
The first two titles in the Adventure Games series will be available in mid-September and they're already in high demand!

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