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Check out the hotness from GAMA Trade Show and beyond!

EPISODEs XV and XVI: Cool Stuff from the GAMA Trade Show and beyond!

Hey there folks!

The GAMA Trade SHow was amazing! The summer release schedule is INSANE!! There are more games now than ever before by a factor of, like, a bajillion!


No time to waste, let's get straight to the video action, so hit the link below and see what's new and hot in the world of gaming!

As always, any questions or suggestions for my burgeoning video career, let me know!

Yours - Phil

A series of videos made JUST for STORES!

Hey there! 

In case you haven't seen it yet, someone gave me a camera and a microphone, and access to the company YouTube account, so I had very little choice but to start making episodes of PHIL'S PICKS! 

What's all this, you may ask? Well, I noticed that there were hundreds and hundreds of videos out there talking to consumers - unboxing, walk-thrus, reviews, gameplay, the works. But of all these wonderful video resources, nothing was being made for YOU, the store owners and buyers who have to dig through all this stuff and figure out what to bring into your stores. Worry no more, Phil to the rescue! 

Every couple weeks, I'll make a new video, showing off neat stuff that we stock that you might not even know we have, hidden gems and old favorites that some of you may have never seen the first time around, or new additions to our product lineups, even stuff we don't yet sell but I want you to see and speak up on, so we can gauge demand and maybe bring them in! 

The best part: with later episodes (and most episodes going forward), I'll be giving away sweet prize packs of the stuff you see in this episode! All you need to do is follow whatever instructions I present at the end of the video - that's right, you have to watch the whole thing all the way through, but the fat loot is irresistible! 

As always, any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Get thee to the link below and start catching up on Phil's Picks! 

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