RED ALERT allows two to six players to duke it out in Space using the opposing fleets of the Commonwealth Alliance and Rebel Confederation: battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, backed up by long-range fighters and the Fleet Commander’s all-important flagship. Each unit type has its own special capabilities.

If you’ve already played any of Richard Borg’s Commands & Colours games, you’ll be on very familiar ground with RED ALERT. If you’ve not...

Commands & Colours is an easy-to-learn, card-driven wargame series. It uses a hex-grid game board divided into three sections – a centre and two wings.

The command cards in your hand determine which section(s) you can activate units, and how many units you may activate when you play that card. The play of these command cards drives the action and creates a ‘fog of war’.

Combat is fast, simple and somewhat deadly. In addition to the hits scored when you roll your battle dice, red alert icons rolled represent non-fatal crises onboard a ship – such as collateral damage, shields going down, and engineering issues – that need to be resolved.

Combat cards give players all manner of sci-fi themed advantages, add an element of suspense, and challenge players to maintain their star token reserves to power decisive actions throughout the battle. The action on a combat card may hinder the opposition forces, enhance a player’s units, or instantly change the course of a battle.

Players alternate turns until a set number of victory points are gained. Victory points are gained for each enemy unit entirely eliminated. When the last ship of an opposition unit is eliminated, its unit marker is taken from the battlefield and placed on a player’s victory stand with the victory point side face up. In some scenarios, occupying a certain space feature hex or completing other scenario objectives may gain additional victory points.
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