The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife

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RPG Accessory: Fates & Fortunes Deck (5E)

Code: NRG1033
Manufacturer: Nord Games
RPG Accessory: Fates & Fortunes Deck (5E)

SRP: $15.00
Cost: please inquire
Add some excitement and variation to skill checks with the Fates & Fortunes Deck. When players roll a 20 give them a Good Luck Card, or a Bad Luck Card when they roll a 1. These cards can be used later in the session for additional benefits or misfortune. The fantasy role playing game can go either way when the Fates & Fortunes Deck is used — so try not to act surprised. The Fates & Fortunes Deck comes with:

26 Good Luck Cards (for players)
26 Bad Luck Cards (for GMs)