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Hamburgum: Antverpia

Code: RIO445
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
Hamburgum: Antverpia

SRP: $14.95
Cost: please inquire
Players represent wealthy families in one of the most thriving European cities of the 16th century: Antverpia. They gain wealth by shipping sugar, cloth and beer overseas. They construct new buildings and help build the 6 most important churches of the city by granting donations to them. It is not the wealthiest family who will win the game; instead it will be the family who has donated most wisely to the churches.

This expansion of the game Hamburgum offers not only a different map with a new allocation of buildings, but also different rules for the donations and visiting the church space on the rondel. Differences from the original Hamburgum include: church districts do not exist, all donations have to be taken in a certain order, a church tax is implemented on the rondel, and ships give more victory points. The double sided board uses historical views taken from original maps of the 16th century.