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Sanctuary: The Keepers Era - Lands of Dawn

Code: QMDTBGB0501
Sanctuary: The Keepers Era - Lands of Dawn

SRP: $20.00
Cost: please inquire
Players: 1 - 2 • Playing Time: 15 - 30 • Age: 14+

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era - Lands of Dawn is a competitive, fast paced, hand management card game, the starting chapter of a story which takes place in a brand new fantasy setting.

The game features three unique Faction decks illustrated with stunning artworks by a team of international artists.

According to the legends of Elnerth, a powerful mystic energy was flowing dangerously through the world. To avoid catastrophic events, that energy was split into six parts called the Essences.

Sanctuaries are the only way to channel the power of the Essences. Players impersonate the Keepers, each one is attuned to an Essence and rules over a Faction. The Keepers are fighting each other to preserve their Sanctuaries and themselves. The goal of the game is to destroy all the oppponent's Sanctuaries, to become the only Keeper able to shape the fate of the world through their Essence.

Choose your Faction, each one with its own peculiarity, and dive into the dark and wondrous world of Elnerth.

Lands of Dawn Factions:
Antar - Mirages and subtle tricks are the secrets of the Antar, devoted to the Essence of Subjugation. Their mind controlling abilities push the enemies to their limits, breaking their ranks and their moral.
Thannen - Elegant flying fighters, the Thannen are devoted to the Essence of Grace. Their discipline, combined with high mobility, makes them extremely hard to target in combat.
Ganto - Solitaire and wise, the Ganto worship the Essence of Growth and possess the ability to shape the environment at their will. They share a deep connection with Sanctuaries, interacting directly with their Aegis.
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