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Bunny Party at Maple Valley

Bunny Party at Maple Valley

SRP: $15.00
Cost: please inquire
You’ve come to visit Maple Valley at a special time – the Night Sky party is approaching! Play as a bunny furiously trying to decorate for the party and have the honor of hosting.
Here’s the catch – two players win this game! Team up with a neighbor and decorate together. Be careful! Betrayals are possible but a fun party is guaranteed.
Bunny party is a quick, fun game for gamers and families alike. It has a wholesome aesthetic with many charming characters and funny mechanics that will get a smile out of everyone at the table.

Game Contents:

60 Card Deck
8 Character Cards
6 Villager Cards
1 First Player Token
15 Trade Tokens
4 Turn Order Cards
1 Travel Pamphlet
1 Rulebook
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