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How the West was Saved: the Russo - Polish War, April - October 1920

Code: SMG008
Manufacturer: Strategemata Games
How the West was Saved: the Russo - Polish War, April - October 1920

SRP: $65.00
Cost: please inquire
How the West was Saved: the Russo – Polish War 1920

„How the West was Saved” is a two – player strategic wargame depicting events of Russo – Polish War since April to October 1920. One players controls Russian and their allies – Lithuanian army if it joins the conflict. The other player controls forces of Polish and Ukrainian armies.
Generally, one counter represenst cavalry or infantry division or artillery group, but smaller brigades or regiments are present as well.
Designer Stephen Pole in easy way shows this complex struggle. The key to conduct military and logistical operations is level of Resource Points. It depends on historical capabilities of each side on different stages of the conflict. A number of Points can be gained or lost due to random factor provided by die roll and Random Event Cards. This all causes Fog of War in matter of operations planning.
Next question mark is what opponent’s units may do? Players alternately put Activation Markers on their units. It this way they reveal their intentions. It is big choice – thwart opponent’s plans or conduct own actions?
Next, players move thier troops alternately, but again order of movements and then battles resolving is determined by die roll.
A result of combat is based on difference between Combat Factors, which are modified by terrain, some Random Events Cards and of course die roll. Tactical nuances are shown by units facing.
This all is covered by simple rules, but decisions made by players are difficult. The key to success is proper balance in involving own available forces in defensive and offensive operations.

Box contents:
• 16-page Rulebook,
• Set Up Card,
• Two Six-sided Dice (2D6): One Red, One White,
• mounted 48 x 68 cm map showing territories between Warsaw and Smolensk,
• 216 unit counters and game markers, and
• 40 laminated Random Event Cards.

Playing time: 4 – 8 hours.
Game is suitable for 2 players from 12 years old upwards.