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MetaZoo TCG: Native 1st Edition Spellbook (1)

Manufacturer: MetaZoo Games
MetaZoo TCG: Native 1st Edition Spellbook (1)

SRP: $50.00
Cost: Allocation Exceeded
MetaZoo: Native reveals what the orginal Casters of the land have long been able to see. Battle alongside ancient deities that created the landscape of Cryptid Nation. Their mastery of all Aura brings the power of new Fusion Aura Pages! Invoke the Earth and elements to stop those trying to destroy the sacred land. Piasa Bird swoops in, harnessing the power of Flame spells to win any Battle! Just be ure to not whistle in the woods at night... as some ancient evils of this land should not be crossed.

MZGNAT1ESB MetaZoo TCG: Native 1st Edition Spellbook MSRP: $50 (Master Case 20/Inner 10x2)