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Mystery Loot: Lost Tome of Monsters Pack (1)

Code: FBG0011
Manufacturer: Foam Brain Dice
Mystery Loot: Lost Tome of Monsters Pack (1)

SRP: $22.00
Cost: please inquire
Foam Brain Games is excited to be back with our latest Mystery Loot, Lost Tome of Monsters. Each loot contains matching items themed around a specific monster!

* Each D20 is a slightly oversized metal die with a custom 20 side and a beautiful enamel finish.
* Each package also includes a themed encounter suitable for your favorite RPG. These contain both a small encounter and some ideas for adventure hooks to continue from there to the rest of your game.
* 18 total monsters to collect! Each monster has 1 of 2 encounter card variants for a total of 36 different possible encounters!
* Pinatures combine an enamel pin and a miniature that's usable in fantasy RPGs! The page of the lost tome flips down to form the base of the miniature. These models are designed to fit on a standard 1" battlemat.