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Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path

Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path

SRP: $90.00
Cost: please inquire
In this tabletop adventure, masters secretly train students to become martial arts lineage holders while an ambitious new emperor tries to unify his people under one banner. Leap into the world of Wu Wei and sharpen your skills with new strategies and rapidly changing circumstances.

Solo campaign included (3 levels)


1 Game Board
3 Tracker Boards
36 Punchboard Octagons (24 Terrains, 3 Center, 8 Walls)
40 Wood Tiles (2 Yin-Yang, 4 Directional, 5 Temples, 5 Palaces, 20 Towns, 4 Towers)
25 Animal Cards (mini)
6 Player Aid Cards (poker size)
3 Status Trackers (plastic)
1 Gathering Marker (wood)
14 Player Pieces (20mm 6-sided dice)
5 Lineage Markers (20mm 4-sided dice)
180 Chi Tokens (plastic), 5 cloth bags for chi tokens
Custom Box Insert (plastic)