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Battleground: (Historical Warfare) Alexander vs. Persia Basic Set

Code: YMG032
Manufacturer: Your Move Games
Battleground: (Historical Warfare) Alexander vs. Persia Basic Set

SRP: $30.00
Cost: please inquire
In 334 BC, the young ruler of a backwater kingdom crossed the Hellespont with the laughable goal of conquering the largest empire in the world. Now you can recreate Alexander's conquest of the Persian Empire, from the close-fought Battle of Granicus to the surprising victory at Gaugamela.

Alexander's army is built around the Foot Companions, massive blocks of pikemen that pin his enemies down while the Companion Cavalry smash into their flanks. Phalanxes of hoplites, levied from the allied Greek city-states, accompanied Alexander's men. Use the Inspiration ability to grant your soldiers extra attacks. Or place Alexander and his generals in the unit with the Heroes ability, granting a unit extra bonuses reflecting these living legends spurring their men onward.

However, the Persian Empire is not as frail as history would have us believe. Its Persian Cavalry was the envy of the world and its deep coffers let it hire the very best Mercenary Hoplites to fight against the upstart princeling. Complementing the native Kardakes and Immortals were the Indian Elephants, the Saka Horse Archers, and the Scythed Chariots. With the Satrapal Levies ability, the Persian commander can sacrifice Command Actions for extra points to build his army, and truly bring a thousand nations down upon the enemy. Grant your units the Royal Favor ability - also at the cost of sacrificing a Command Action - which gives the unit a permanent bonus for the game.

Alexander vs Persia is not only fully compatible with other Battleground Historical Warfare products, but also with Battleground Fantasy Warfare. Play what-if scenarios to see if Hannibal could have achieved the same glory against Persia or whether Rome could have stood against Alexander. Or see if Persia could repel an invasion of the bloodthirsty Orcs.

Basic Game

Comprehensive Rulebook
Companion Cavalry (1)
Thessalian Cavalry (1)
Sarrisophoroi (2)
Foot Companions (3)
Iphicratean Spearmen (2)
Thracian Peltasts (2)
Allied Hoplites (1)
Allied Greek Cavalry (1)
Hypaspistes (1)
Agrianian Peltasts (1)
Persian Cavalry (2)
Satrapal Cavalry (2)
Kardakes (3)
Mercenary Hoplites (1)
Sparabara (2)
Thanvabara (3)
Takabara (2)
Scythed Chariots (1)
Immortals (1)
Indian Elephant (1)