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Mystery Loot Pack: Winter Village (1)

Code: FBG0023
Manufacturer: Foam Brain Dice
Mystery Loot Pack: Winter Village (1)

SRP: $18.00
Cost: please inquire
**Your mystery loot pack will contain any ONE of these (pictured) 6 D20s and any one of these 6 enamel pins.**

Your Winter Village Mystery Loot will contain one of our:

✔️ Holiday-Themed Metal D20's: Our best selling D20's return with unique spin on the holiday season!). Your friends will be wishing they had this set...

✔️ Winter-Themed Enamel Pins: Our highly requested enamel pins return with chill! Each pin takes you on a journey to our Winter Village, where fantasy races play games and enjoy the season!  

....and they can be used as ornaments, too!