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MetaZoo TCG: Fan Art Contest Pack 2023

Manufacturer: MetaZoo Games
MetaZoo TCG: Fan Art Contest Pack 2023

SRP: $14.99
Cost: please inquire
Hello Casters, and welcome to our 2023 MetaZoo Fan Art Spellbook Mini Set! This set is made by the Casters and for the Casters. The Staff here at MetaZoo Games are very excited to share our continued cross-collaboration with some of the very talented members of our own community!
Please enjoy the exclusive promo, and look out for other exciting contests and ways to be involved with everything MetaZoo in the future!

MetaZoo TCG: Fan Art Series Set Blister Pack (2022 Winners)

Each blister pack contains two booster packs, one sealed promo card, and one coin. Each booster pack contains three cards.
FREE FREIGHT for Qualified Store Orders!