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AK-Interactive: Multipurpose Sticks (8)

Code: AKIAK9330
Manufacturer: AK Interactive, S.L.
AK-Interactive: Multipurpose Sticks (8)

SRP: $2.75
Cost: please inquire
This set contains 8 sticks (two of each size: 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5mm)
with different microfiber heads that are suitable for different applications and works.
The sticks allow us to reproduce different textures and effects on our models. The fine short fibers
grouped in the shape of a circumference on the handle allow us to apply or remove paint in an
easy and simple way. Thanks to their size and flexibility, they are also suitable for cleaning the
airbrush or any other tool that requires a flexible and precise brush for its maintenance.
Recommended for
- Airbrush cleaning.
- Making chipping.
- Placing decals.
- Reproduction of wood grains with oil painting.
- Applying pigments with precision.
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