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Great War: Russian Infantry (35)

Manufacturer: Wargames Atlantic
Great War: Russian Infantry (35)

SRP: $34.95
Cost: please inquire

Russia entered World War One with the largest army in the world - 1.4 million under arms! Despite these vast numbers the Russians fared poorly against Germany and Austria-Hungary after initial successes. As the war dragged on, unrest in home led first to the February Revolution in early 2017 seeing the downfall of the Tsar. Russia was soon embroiled in a civil war that would culminate with the formation of the Soviet Union.

This hard plastic set allows you to build up to 35 Russian infantry equipped for World War One and suitable for the Russian Revolution and beyond. A selection of hat and helmet types allow you to model a variety of troop types including officers, Reds, Whites, and gas masked troops. Moisin Nagant rifles, officer pistols and sabres, and grenades give you a wide range of weaponry to choose from.

There are five frames in each box

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.
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