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Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Lords of Vlachold

Code: YMG035
Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Lords of Vlachold

SRP: $35.00
Cost: please inquire
The people of Vlachold fear neither the Orc warcry nor the Elvish arrow. They fear when their Lords look upon them, and smile. The vampiric Tepes Lords and Voivode Knights lead their mortal Voynik Swordsmen and Curteni Halberdiers to war, as likely to feast on their servants as they are the enemy.

The Lords of Vlachold is an army for Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, a points-based tabletop tactical wargame in which units are represented by cards. This set includes the complete Lords of Vlachold faction, including all the unit cards and a 30 card Command Deck. Also included is a comprehensive rulebook and a set of quick start rules to get you playing immediately. All you need are six-sided dice and a dry erase marker.