The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife

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Ninja Crusade RPG: Empire's Reign 2nd Edition

Code: 3EG109
Ninja Crusade RPG: Empire's Reign 2nd Edition

SRP: $19.99
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The Emperor will lead us... Born of loyalty and a sense of patriotism, the Izou Army isn't made up of mindless, faceless foot soldiers. Each one is a living, breathing being fighting for what they think is right. That happens to be working toward the eradication of all ninja, putting them face-to-face with magical enemies who wield deadly forces. The Izou Army has a few tricks up it's sleeve though. a victory like never before. Empire s Reign is the fourth sourcebook for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition and explores the secrets of the Izou Army. Learn about the Emperor's strategic military locations, and the special units he has under his control, like the Executioners, the Silver Blades or the Iron Breakers. The war has dwindled in past years, but it the powder keg has already been lit. This Book Includes: Learn about the Izou Army's hierarchies, training methods, and military locations; Detailed breakdowns of what the citizens of the Empire think of the ongoing war; New Playable Options: Assignments, including Jadesmiths, Executioners and Black Smokes; New Adventure included! 12 new Pregenerated characters ready to take on the ninja!