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The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc RPG: Second Edition

Code: 3EG007
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc RPG: Second Edition

SRP: $29.99
Cost: please inquire
Welcome to Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. (API), thwarters of catastrophes, enders of end-of-world scenarios, and defeaters of doomsday plans. Join the fight to protect Earth by enlisting in API, a worldwide company whose only mission is to stop anyone (or anything) who wants to harm our world. But, Humanity doesn't fight this battle alone - monsters and demons have given up their lurking ways to serve alongside the company. Powered by the Dynamic Gaming System 2.0 (DGS2.0), this Second Edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. includes plenty of character creation options, antagonists to battle, and an in-depth view of our modern world through the eyes of API.