The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife

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Pathfinder RPG: The Book of Divine Magic

Code: 4WF003
Pathfinder RPG: The Book of Divine Magic

SRP: $18.95
Cost: please inquire
LET THE POWER OF THE GODS RUN THROUGH YOU Magic is not limited to the arcane castings of wizards. Divine magic is just as important, if not more so, in fantasy gaming. No adventuring party lasts long in battle without the healing powers of their clerics and the holy might of their paladins, or makes it far through the wilderness without the skills of their druids and rangers. And have you ever noticed how the most vile villains follow even more vile deities? The Book of Divine Magic provides many new ways to define your divine spellcasters. Twenty-one new deities - good, evil, and neutral - are introduced, complete with dogmas, portfolios and domains. Along with the new domains, you'll find over 100 new spells, from minor orisons to fate-changing 9th-level spells. Several major houses of worship are detailed, to act as important places in a character's past, a destination for their future, or even a home base. For years, druids and rangers have had their animal companions, and paladins their warhorses - now clerics can have divine animal companions too! Dozens of new magic items are revealed, from handy adventuring aids to the holiest of relics. Both players and Game Masters will find The Book of Divine Magic an indispensible tool for creating unique characters and exciting plotlines. 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming - Bringing unique RPG products to all corners of the world!