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The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife
Hill 262 - Chambois, 19 - 21st August 1944

Code: SMG006
Manufacturer: Strategemata Games
Hill 262 - Chambois, 19 - 21st August 1944

SRP: $45.00
Cost: please inquire
Battles of the Black Cavalry – 10 Cavalry Brigade/1 Armoured Division – From Poland to Wilhelmshaven
Hill 262 – Chambois, 19 – 21st August 1944

The game "Hill 262 - Chambois, 19 - 21 August 1944" presents the Allied fights during closing and defending the Falaise Pocket. The main hero is the 1st Armored Division of general Stanisław Maczek. In addition, there are American and Canadian units.
There are 6 scenarios in the game. 4 of them are short clashes to familiarize yourself with the procedures of the system "Great Battles of Small Units". The main subject is the defense of the Allies and German attempts to get out of the pocket. The chaotic organization of the German army in this battle is shown in a simple way. At the beginning of the game a German player chooses battle groups that he will try to move out of the board. The Allied player does not know the opponent's plans. Only during the game it turns out which units appear in the game. Thanks to that every gameplay is different and the game provides a lot of emotions.

The complete game consists of:
- two boards of size 420 x 594 mm;
- 308 die-cut counters;
- colorful rule book (8 pages);
- two cards with scenarios;
- player’s aid card;
- card with historical sketch.

IMPORTANT: Game doesn`t include a deck of cards, which players have to supply themselves.