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ECO: Coral Reef Deluxe Edition

ECO: Coral Reef Deluxe Edition

SRP: $49.00
Cost: please inquire
ECO: Coral Reef - Deluxe Edition features the same rulebook with improved editing. All the game components have been replaced with better shapes/materials.

Here are the main differences from the first edition:
• Deluxe tin box
• Playmat map
• Silicone turtles
• UREA tiles (like Dominoes)
• 2 extra variants to play the game

In ECO: Coral Reef each participant will play the role of a marine biologist, who is hired to provide assistance in planning an ecological coral reef, for the conservation of the marine life.
The players will collect and place pictures of the marine life, to create an ecological mosaic. By matching species and completing missions, each player advances his sea turtle towards the water line and to victory.