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Just in time for Summer!! Limited 1st Edition, Allocations expected. New Retailer Restrictions apply. Now Available For Preorder!
Aether Dice: Limbo (7 Dice Polyhedral Set)

Code: GKGAE887
Manufacturer: Gate Keeper Games
Aether Dice: Limbo (7 Dice Polyhedral Set)

SRP: $15.95
Cost: please inquire
Purples & Greys in an Abyss of Black Swirls - Silver Numbering These dynamic swirled dice each feature four internal colors, each with varying levels of transparency, and several types of glitter in each die. Made from the same high-density resin as our layered dice, these masterpieces of dice art will make you feel like you are weilding the 5th element with every roll. Every set comes in the GKG Dice Keep case!