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Tenfold Dungeon: 3D Terrain Setting - Dungeon & Sewers

Manufacturer: TenFold Dungeon
Tenfold Dungeon: 3D Terrain Setting - Dungeon & Sewers

SRP: $60.00
Cost: please inquire
The Dungeon & Sewers is supplied with 2 double sided pit traps and a water lock. Alongside with the staircases and walls , create dangerous waterways and sewers.

Each Tenfold Dungeon consists of:

* 2 Large Rooms (30x36cm)
* 10x Rooms of various sizes
* 16 Door Clips
* Assortment of plastic corner and t-clips

3 punchboards containing:
* several designs of doors and two gates
* detachable walls
* detachable set of stairs