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RPG Accessory: Treasure Trove CR 5-8 Deck (5E)

Code: NRG1025
Manufacturer: Nord Games
RPG Accessory: Treasure Trove CR 5-8 Deck (5E)

SRP: $15.00
Cost: please inquire
Treasure Trove Deck CR 5-8 is designed for more advanced parties. This deck contains more magical items than the CR 1-4 deck, as well as more valuable loot and collections of items. This particular treasure deck is meant to further increase the variability of your tabletop RPG game — making things interesting and keeping everyone on their toes.

The Treasure Trove Deck 5-8 Includes:

Other, stronger, magical items

Make the addition of the Treasure Trove Deck CR 5-8 to your next fantasy role playing adventure.