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Solar Sphere: Johnny Pac's Expansions

Solar Sphere: Johnny Pac's Expansions

SRP: $25.00
Cost: please inquire
Designed by Jonny Pac, the expansions box contains the White Dwarf and Corporation Robot modules, and additional components to support a 5th player. With the construction of Solar Sphere #1 underway, The Corporation has set its sights on a nearby white dwarf. You can now choose to survey the white dwarf to gain valuable resources and opportunities.
The White Dwarf expansion adds a unique rondel mechanism, as well as two screen printed meeples.
The Corporate Robots expansion adds a set of cards and screen printed meeples that act as remote access to worker locations. Install these robot for a fully upgraded location power of your choice!
A 5th player can also now join the table with all the components needed to do so.
Are you ready to expand the Solar Sphere?
Game Contents:

1 White Dwarf Board
2 Ship Meeples
10 Robot Meeples
4 Dice
4 Custom Markers
8 Tokens
9 Custom Resources
14 Cards
20 Cubes
4 Hexes
1 Command Board