The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife

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Wandering Monster Deck: Underground (5E)

Code: NRG1011
Manufacturer: Nord Games
Wandering Monster Deck: Underground (5E)

SRP: $15.00
Cost: please inquire
Generate interesting and appropriate monsters for your tabletop RPG campaigns with the Wandering Monsters Deck: Underground (5E) expansion deck from Nord Games.

This expansion deck includes:

3-5 possible underground encounters on each card
52 per deck
Adjustable intensity encounters
Appropriate challenge ratings

The Wandering Monster Deck: Underground (5E) contains 52 cards, each with 3-5 possible encounters for underground environments for 5th Edition. Choose each unique encounter based on the appropriate challenge rating, or roll a die. Save yourself hours of setup time and challenge your players with monsters you never thought to use! Order your monster expansion pack today and collect them all!