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Ancient History Magazine: Issue #35

Code: KARAHM35
Manufacturer: Karwansaray Publishers
Ancient History Magazine: Issue #35

SRP: $11.99
Cost: please inquire
Ancient History Magazine 35 with Science and engineering in antiquity

From studying the stars to building bigger, better buildings, the ancient world was full of scientific and technological advancement at every level. In this issue, we take a look at just a few of these developments.

Theme: Science and engineering in antiquity

Lindsay Powell, 'Science and technology in antiquity - Chipped stones to catapults'.
Daniel Kershaw, 'Symbols of power and prestige - Rome's aqueducts'.
Dan Diffendale, 'Early buildings in the Eternal city - The tuffs of Rome'.
Ulla Koch, 'The legacy of Babylonian astronomy - Gazing at the stars'.


Sidney Dean, 'The first Greek on the Atlantic coast - Kolaios'.
Stephanie M. Matthews, 'Imprisonment in ancient Rome - All locked up'.
Gareth Williams, 'Getting even in ancient times - Insults and innuendo'.
Manon Henzen, 'Fish fish cakes with cumin sauce - Food for the eyes'.
Laura Tabone, 'The modern-day attraction of an unknown era - Malta's Neolithic monuments'.
Rebecca Batley, 'Britain's iron queen - Cartimandua'.
Jona Lendering, 'Living in Late Roman Numidia - The land of Augustine'.

...and much more!