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Ancient History Magazine: Issue #32

Code: KARAHM32
Manufacturer: Karwansaray Publishers
Ancient History Magazine: Issue #32

SRP: $11.99
Cost: please inquire
Ancient History Magazine 32 with Chariot racing in antiquity

Already an old sport, chariot racing reached new levels of popularity during the Roman era. With purpose-built stadiums, teams of devoted fans, and a thriving souvenir industry, charioteers could make a fortune – if they lived long enough.

Theme: Chariot racing in antiquity

David Potter, 'From the sport of kings to the sport of plebs - A day at the races'.
Jo Ball, 'Roman chariot racing fan merchandise - Vade Pyramus!'.
Daniel Kershaw, 'Home of the chariot race in Rome - The Circus Maximus'.
Ross Cowan, 'The lives of Roman charioteers - Despised and idolized'.
Murray Dahm, 'Chariot racing in ancient Greece - Sand and grit rained thick'.
Graham Sumner, 'Chariot racing in the movies - "The race... is not... over!"'.


James Blake Wiener, 'From prehistory to Christianity - Discovering ancient Malta'.
Kenneth Griffin, 'Treasures of the Egypt Centre - Ancient Egypt in Wales'.
David Balfour, 'Orator, politician, and enfant terrible - The notorious Alcibiades'.
Manon Henzen, 'Fast food at the races and beyond - Roman takeout'.
Sean Mowbray, 'Rome's forgotten triumphator - Publius Ventidius'.

...and much, much more!