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Goblout - The Degoblinade Game

Manufacturer: Exod Studio
Goblout - The Degoblinade Game

SRP: $24.99
Cost: please inquire
The Goblin King is dead. After 30 minutes of reign. You are a goblin war chief, and it's time for you to take the crown... but you are not the only one on the spot! Take the lead of your own green army and attack your opponent, deal with the enemy, betray your friends!

To do that, you will have just the right number of teeth that you will need to keep with you as long as possible! If you lose all of your teeth the game ends for you.

Your other choice instead of fighting and risking your green skin is to rally the wise goblins to your cause (perhaps by forceā€¦).

This party game was made for :
- 3 to 5 players for 20 minutes, which makes it addictive.
- It is easy to learn and can be run with new and experienced players
- For friends who don't want to be friends anymore!