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Bayonets and Tomahawks

Code: GMT2010
Manufacturer: GMT Games
Bayonets and Tomahawks

SRP: $59.00
Cost: please inquire
Bayonets & Tomahawks is a two-player grand strategic game depicting the French & Indian War, which raged from 1755 to 1760 and in which France's North American empire was conquered. Take command of either the French or British to fight all facets of the conflict: army maneuvering, diplomacy with indigenous nations, raids, battles, construction, naval operations, sieges, and more. With scenarios varying from a single year to the whole war, as well as rules for team play, Bayonets & Tomahawks is perfect for new and experienced wargamers alike.

Each in-game Year contains nine Actions Rounds as well as three administrative Logistics Rounds. During Action Rounds, players use historically based cards for events and actions. This innovative system without hand management builds on card-driven games such as Twilight Struggle while keeping the game accessible and fast-paced. An exciting battle system featuring custom dice presents challenges that reward careful planning. Victory is achieved by capturing key spaces and conducting raids in enemy territory. Over just a few hours, relive a war that shaped the course of history in North America and beyond!

Game Components

22" x 34" mounted map
54 cards: 21 British, 21 French, and 12 Indian
135 unit counters: 54 British, 21 Colonial British, 44 French, and 16 Indian
8 Commanders: 4 French and 4 British
17 Vagaries of War tokens
1 small fabric bag
6 custom dice
1 sheet of markers
1 Player Aid sheet
4 Scenario Information sheets
1 Indian Setup sheet
Rulebook and Playbook