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Dr Tabletop - Droptop Refill Pack (250 Dropper Tops) [Retail Only]

Manufacturer: Dr Tabletop
Dr Tabletop - Droptop Refill Pack (250 Dropper Tops) [Retail Only]

Cost: please inquire

Be one of the first stores to carry the patent-pending DROPTOP! Created after the wildly successful Kickstarter the DROPTOP is an amazing addition to any storefront carrying CitadelĀ® or P3 paints.

Turn hobbyists paints of choice CitadelĀ® and P3 paints and more into the ideal application system - dropper bottles with these patent-pending squeezable tops. Each order includes packaging for retail sale.

Infinitely reusable
Made in the USA
High-quality construction and materials
Easy application and install
Less wasted paints
Tops seals to keep your paints from drying out

For the starter kit Description-
Display test bottles for your customers to use and try before they buy at your front counter or in your paint section.