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Take command of over 3,000,000 men, 6,000 aircraft and 5000 tanks in the greatest military conflict of WWII.

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Ancient History Magazine: Issue #30

Code: KARAHM30
Manufacturer: Karwansaray Publishers
Ancient History Magazine: Issue #30

SRP: $11.99
Cost: please inquire
Ancient History Magazine 30 with women in the ancient world

Traditional writings from antiquity tend to portray women as either loyal wives and mothers or debauched villainesses, with little in between. However, archaeology and alternative source help to paint a more complete picture.

Theme: Women in the ancient world

Sophie Hay, 'Roman women at work - A room of her own'.
Carla Ionescu, 'Women in the Athenian polis - To work and work again'.
Larissa Lemos, 'The reality and politicisation of Roman women - An impossible ideal'.
Sidney E. Dean, 'The "illustrious queen" - Zenobia of Palmyra'.
Lauren van Zoonen, 'Women of Locri Epizephyrii - The early and the divine'.
Colleen Darnell, 'Power, policy, and autonomy - Women in ancient Egypt'.


James Blake Wiener, 'Traveling through time in Oman - Treasures of the past'.
Wim van Broekhoven, 'Romans bundled up - Winter is coming'.
Manon Henzen, 'Ancients feasting on the sea's bounty - Roman fish in a dish'.
Lindsay Powell, 'Ancient Rome's greatest show trial - Avenging Germanicus'.

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