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Originally released in 2010, Florenza is a high complexity resource management game, in which accurate planning and precise management of workers and resources are crucial to victory. No mistake will be forgiven.


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Take a thrilling ride through Sacramento's most beautiful and iconic locations, while collaborating to connect them together and with the game.

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This Counter Top Display Rack Includes 300 Fineliners.
ZU Tiles Hime Bundle [Reatil Only] [BUY 5 GET 1 FREE]

Manufacturer: Zu Tiles LLC
ZU Tiles Hime Bundle [Reatil Only] [BUY 5 GET 1 FREE]

Cost: please inquire
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GAMA Expo 2020's #2 Most Watched New Release* is coming soon!

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"When I initially saw the graphics for the game I thought, ‘Here we go, another Anime looking game that looks awesome and plays awful.’ I was so wrong. It’s an awesome looking game that also has complex layers of strategy and is really fun to play." — Scott Wisely (FanBoy3)

ZU Tiles: Hime is a strategic tile placement game based loosely on the creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. Players choose a creature (or creatures) to build customized decks around in order to out think and out play their opponent(s). Players earn points by creating patterns of “compatible squares” using creatures or by battling and capturing opposing creatures. The first player to 12 points wins! Think Collectable Card Game meets Dominoes...but with amazing anime inspired art and super fun tile interactions.

ZU Hime is a quick and easy game for the whole family, focusing more on its unique compatibility mechanics than it does on combat. More fun, more enjoyment of playing vs. the sometimes cutthroat competition that other more competitive deck building games can become. Relax. Take your time. Smile more. Enjoy yourself.

Key Highlights:
Quick learn! 8 minutes or less.
Together. Forever. Highly thematic and accessible.
Anime it up! Beautiful kawaii art.
Neigh. LOL! humorous and whimsical special tile powers.
Most impressive. Extensive polishing and development.

Starter Set 1 includes: 2 Pre-Constructed Decks, 40 tiles each, 2 action tiles, 2 reaction tiles, 1 rulebook.

First printing limited to 5,000 units worldwide.

*source: BGG Express -- YouTube

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