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Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine: Issue #110

Code: KARWSS110
Manufacturer: Karwansaray Publishers
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine: Issue #110

SRP: $9.99
Cost: please inquire
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 110 with The winter campaign of 1777

Despite constant supply issues, during the winter of 1777, Washington's army brought the fight to the British like never before, with a series of daring victories, including Trenton and Princeton.

Special Feature: The winter campaign of 1777

Eoghan Kelly, 'The winter 1777 campaign and the Forage War - Swatting the American fly'.
Miles Reidy, 'The Battle of Assunpink Creek, 2 January 1777 - We've got the old fox safe now'.
Miles Reidy, 'The Battle of Princeton, 3 January 177 - Parade with me, my brave fellows!'.
Eoghan Kelly, 'Hardscrabble during the Forage War of 1777 - The Battle of Millstone'.
Guy Bowers, 'The troops of the Continental army - Washington's soldiers'.
Alberto Mateas Jurado, 'The charge at Assunpink Creek bridge - At them, 49th!'.


Mark Backhouse, 'The Battle of Ascalon 1099 - A reckless charge to win the day'.
Ian Beal, 'The Battle of the Milvian Bridge, AD 312 - Bearing the Cross'.
Stephen Tunmore, 'The Battle of Bir Hakeim: 26 May to 11 June, 1942 - The old man's well'.
James Oram, 'Must-have terrain for any wargamer - Terrain 101'.
David Hiscocks, 'Baron von Geismar's cavalry corps in France, part 1 - Constantly in arms and mounted'.
Rubén Torregrosa, 'How to paint armed civilians in World War II - The Polish Home Army'.
Tony Harwood, 'Building scenery for the Radfan uprising - The Aden District Prison'.


Miniature reviews
Richard Clarke, 'Up front - Virtual gaming'.
David Hiscocks, 'The Irregular - Challenging historical stereotypes'.
Alex Mahon, 'Let's play Frostgrave second edition - What's new in Felstad'.
Phil Baxter, 'Historical skirmishing in the Great War - Let's play Blood and Valor'.
Eoghan Kelly and James Oram, 'Game reviews - Witchin' Hour and Bloody Barons 2'.
Book reviews
Parting shots

...and much, much more!