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Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume 14, Issue #1

Code: KARAW_14_1
Manufacturer: Karwansaray Publishers
Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume 14, Issue #1

SRP: $11.99
Cost: please inquire
Ancient Warfare XIV.1 with warfare in Hellenistic Asia Minor

After the fall of Alexander the Great, the Successors set to work carving out kingdoms of their own. Asia Minor became an important proving ground for these would-be rulers.

Ancient Warfare XIV.1

Theme: Warfare in Hellenistic Asia Minor

Michael Taylor, 'Crossroads of the Hellenistic world - The lynchpin'.
Dan Powers, 'Perks of the Hellenistic mercenary life - No tax forever'.
Joost Grefkens, 'The Galatian War and its aftermath - Romans and Gauls'.
Kathryn Murphy, 'Deploying beasts in battle - The role of elephants in the Seleucid army'.
Ollie Randall, 'The eunuch and the silver hoard - Philetaerus of Pergamon'.


Ross Cowan, 'The downfall of a Roman blue-blood - Catiline's eagle'.
Joanne Ball, 'The letter from Apion to his family (BGU II 423) - A Roman sailor writes home'.
Murray Dahm, 'Eupolis of Athens and Greek "Old Comedy" - Laughing at battle'.
Duncan B Campbell, 'Musical instruments in the Roman army - Blowing their own trumpet'.
Adrastos Omissi, 'The problem of the many ranks - Depth, what is it good for?'.

...and much, much more!