Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps is a co‑operative survival board-game.

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Monster Game Mat: 3x3' – Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland

Code: MFC20103
Manufacturer: Monster Fight Club
Monster Game Mat: 3x3' – Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland

SRP: $40.00
Cost: please inquire
The Monster Game Mat is a versatile two-sided gaming surface for use with your favorite tabletop wargames or role-playing adventures.

The Monster Game Mat is printed on thin, double-sided neoprene roughly about 2.5 mm in thickness. One side of the mat is the Broken Grassland – a green field of grass and plants, broken up by bare spots and bits of buried rock. The other side depicts the Desert Scrubland, a dry, dirty environment of sand and cracked earth where weeds and other plants struggle to break through the surface.