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The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet

Code: AEG7039
Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet

SRP: $49.99
Cost: please inquire
The intrepid crew escaped the alien prison in Lockdown, now, having been assigned a third captain, they are on their first away mission! Taking their shuttlecraft to the surface of an abandoned alien planet, they are tasked with discovering alien relics that may point to why they detest our Spacefleet so much, and how we may one day forge peace.Of course, your new captain was very diplomatic, and upon encountering giant bugs that may very well be the reason the aliens abandoned the planet, he chose to attempt to communicate. The bugs communicated by biting his head clean off. So now, once again without a captain, the crew must attempt to complete the mission by exploring tunnels and obtaining relics, all while fighting off a swarm of bugs!The Dangerous Planet tunnel system is modular, for easier and harder challenges!This all-new The Captain is Dead experience uses the mechanics of The Captain is Dead in a whole new way. Through exploration and area defense, you'll try to survive long enough to obtain the necessary relics. But should the bugs attack the shuttlecraft enough times, you won't be able to escape!CONTENTS89 cards 64 mini cards 1 Game board 7 Plastic markers 7 Reference cards 1 Rulebook 27 Characters and Devices pawns