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Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps is a co‑operative survival board-game.
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Wil Wheaton and Bicycle have announced their collaboration on a number of board games.

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Star Wars Legion: (Terrain) Imperial Depot

Code: MASH00067
Manufacturer: Micro Art Studios
Star Wars Legion: (Terrain) Imperial Depot

SRP: $48.19
Cost: please inquire
The SWL Imperial Depot is a 28-30mm scale scenery. It's a huge building designed to fit the Star Wars Legion game miniatures, but on the other hand it's generic enough to fit the 40k or Infinity appearance. The whole shape consist of two separate parts. Sliding doors, removable roof and internal walkways included.

The SWL Imperial Depot weighs 1,85kg, provided in shrinkwrap.

Miniatures shown for display only, not included