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Infinity: Third Offensive [includes limited Freedom Fighter promo mini]

Code: COR289003
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli (Infinity)
Infinity: Third Offensive [includes limited Freedom Fighter promo mini]

SRP: $53.99
Cost: please inquire
Infinity Third Offensive

Corvus Belli is proud to present Third Offensive, a new expansion to the Infinity line of products. It narrates the events that have recently occurred on the planet Paradiso, where the pressure of the Combined Army is ever increasing.

This book includes a new background that helps develop the history of Infinity universe, and details several new locations and scenarios to allow new options for how the Infinity game is played. Without a doubt, it will be an essential piece of framework for players looking to enhance their experience with the game.

This is not just a book consisting purely of background information on the events taking place on Paradiso, but it also unlocks two new sectorials, adding the Tartary Army Corps (Ariadna) and Operations Subsection (Aleph), that were released in Operation Coldfront, but also the indomitable, Invincible Army (Yu Jing) and the highly specialized Varuna Intervention Division (PanOceania), two brand new sectorials greatly anticipated by the community.

It will also include some modifications to the rules and the profiles in a few sectorials - such as the Morat Aggression Force (Combined Army), Military Orders (PanOceania), and the Shock Army of Acontecimento (PanOceania), as well as new equipment.

This indispensable book that now, and only during the pre-order, can be purchased with an exclusive Freedom Fighter miniature (NA2).

**PLEASE NOTE:The Infinity Third Offensive books reserved between October the 15th and November the 5th 2018 will include the exclusive model Libertos Freedom Fighters, that will never be on sale.

The exclusive miniature cannot be sold separately.

The exclusive miniature is a promotional extra and do not increase the price of the product.

This offer is only valid for orders made between October the 15th and November the 5th 2018 (both included). THIS MINI WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN ANY FUTURE ORDERS FOR THIS PRODUCT!