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Golden Distribution International is a wholesale distributor of hobby gaming products such as: Miniatures, Table-top Wargames, Board Games, Card Games, Roleplaying Games, Dice, Accessories & More!

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PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon...Godsforge, Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare, Ares Magazine: #4 Extractors! (Full Hobby Edition) (Game Included)...and much more! [preorder list][full report]


NEW! Abteilung 502 - Secrets of Leviathan, Subatomic: An Atom Building Game, My Little Pony RPG: Tails of Equestria Core Rulebook...and much more! [new product list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon...Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls, Harry Potter Miniature Game: Barty Crouch Sr. & Aurors Box Set, SPQR Deluxe...and much more! [preorder list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon...Warlords of Erehwon: Core Rulebook, 28mm Fantasy: Characters of Adventure - Set of 6 Skeletons, 8-Bit Adventures: Space Bounty Hunters...and much more! [preorder list][full report]


BACK IN STOCK! Miniature Basing/Flock: Wild Meadow Tufts, Bushido Miniatures: (Kage Kaze Zoku) Kerasu, Parkinson Masterworks: Large Demon Knight...and much more! [new product list][full report]

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