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New Product Releases

[MGP50014] Paranoia RPG: Mission Book - The Hole Blame (SRP:$19.99)
R&D is in deep trouble. There is a slim but real chance The Computer will disband R&D entirely and redistribute its resources to other service groups. But you are not part of R&D, so that is not your problem, right? Troubleshooters! Citizens in TRK Sector report that many small items have mysteriously disappeared. This is clearly the work of that notorious thief the Small Item Bandit! (Name pending approval by the Ad-hoc Workshop for Marketable Traitor Nicknames.) That is why you have to go ther ... [View Details]
[MGP50013] Paranoia RPG: The R & D Experimental Equipment Release Form Pad (SRP:$11.99)
This is a handy pad of tearaway forms specially designed to get your Troubleshooters into the maximum amount of trouble whenever they 'accept' items to test from R&D. Double their problems immediately by holding them to account with their own words! Contains 50 forms, ready for play. [View Details]
[STFSFEE-007] Epic Encounters: Temple of the Snake God (5E) (SRP:$29.95)
Venomous and hungry, a great snake slithers through the depths of a ruined temple, a relic of the very civilisation it was made to protect. Sampling, sensing, its vast pink tongue flickers between fangs long as the arm of a fully grown man. Many would-be thieves have met their end within its crushing grip. Will you be next? Contents: Giant Snake miniature 18 tokens Double-sided game mat Adventure book Monster stats Tips and tricks for building tension and exci ... [View Details]
[CPS1081] Indian Ocean Region (SRP:$89.00)
Although advertised as purely commercial ventures, China’s “String of Pearls” (a series of key ports) across the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) gives her the option to assert sea control of that theater, and for good reason. About 80% of the PRC’s oil transits the IOR before bottlenecking at the Strait of Malacca and then going on to terminate at ports in the PRC. Even a Gwadar-Kashgar oil pipeline, designed to bypass the full-length IOR route, would still require some initial sea transport ... [View Details]
[GMT2108] Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945 Expansion (SRP:$40.00)
Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945 is the fourth expansion for GMT’s Wing Leader system. In Legends, we seek to cap the Wing Leader game system by bringing together previous games and expansions in a series of crossover scenarios. Featuring combat from the beginning to the very end of the war, Legends features some of the smaller air forces. The Chinese over Nanking, the Yugoslavs over Belgrade, and the Bulgarian defense of Sofia all appear. The last gasp of the Regia Aeronatica over Sicily an ... [View Details]
[GMT2106] Storm Above The Reich (SRP:$95.00)
Storm Above the Reich is a solitaire game depicting a Luftwaffe squadron of Fw190s struggling to deter and destroy the relentless daylight raids over Germany during World War Two. The player’s individual aircraft, each represented by a stickered block, must confront the mighty “combat box” formation of the United States Army Air Force, a deadly terrain of B-24 Liberator heavy bombers. Like its counterpart, Skies Above the Reich, the game is a broad strokes depiction that presents the arc o ... [View Details]
[LWG2101-HOD] Heart of Darkness - An Adventure Game of African Exploration (SRP:$76.00)
"What is this all about" - David Livingstone Well David, This is a game of adventure and exploration where you, together with five other players, venture into deepest Africa. The time period is mid-19th century and you start your expedition at one of the six Ports of Entry. Your journey is financed by a major newspaper and publisher back home, and they expect you to bring home fantastic stories that they can publish. Your expedition consists of you and armed askaris, which are loca ... [View Details]
[NRG2101] D&D: The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting (5E) (HC) (SRP:$40.00)
The book has new rules for item creation and magical enhancement, organizations, and a ton of new pre-generated magic items that are sure to add a ton of flavor to the game. [View Details]
[NRG1075] D&D: Magic Item Compendium Deck - Weapons and Armors (5E) (SRP:$15.00)
D&D: Magic Item Compendium Deck - Weapons and Armors (5E) [View Details]
[NRG1078] D&D: Magic Item Compendium Deck - Potions, Poultices & Powders (5E) (SRP:$15.00)
D&D: Magic Item Compendium Deck - Potions, Poultices & Powders (5E) [View Details]
[PARPBW7513] Conquest: W’adrhun - Matriarch Queen (SRP:$24.00)
1 Resin Miniature 1 Base 1 Command Card. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[IWM20-299] BattleTech Miniatures: Schiltron Mobile Fire-Support Platform Prime (SRP:$12.95)
Specifications: Tonnage 80 Technology Inner Sphere Unit Type Combat Vehicle - OmniVehicle Era Clan Invasion (3050 - 3061) TRO Technical Readout 3060 Release Type Archive Sculpt Type Original Supplied unassembled and unpainted. [View Details]
[CPS1050] South China Sea (SRP:$79.00)
South China Sea (SCS) provides an integrated political-military simulation of near future contention and conflict around the South China Sea. Players take on the roles of China, the United States, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. They simulate current political tensions through card play and structured negotiation keyed to real world events in an effort to “move the needle” to their side. Unfortunately, the cards with the greatest chance of moving that needle, such as Chinese Coast ... [View Details]
[IWM20-266] BattleTech Miniatures: Zorya Light Tank (2) (SRP:$14.95)
Specifications: Tonnage 35 Technology Clan Unit Type Combat Vehicle - Tracked Era Succession Wars TRO Technical Readout 3060 Release Type Archive Sculpt Type Original Supplied unassembled and unpainted. [View Details]
[IWM20-494] BattleTech Miniatures: Danai Support Vehicle (2) (SRP:$14.95)
Specifications: Tonnage 45 Technology Inner Sphere Unit Type Combat Vehicle - Wheeled Era Jihad (3068 - 3085) TRO Technical Readout 3075 Release Type Archive Sculpt Type Original Supplied unassembled and unpainted. [View Details]
[PGU51223E] Kitchen Rush (SRP:$49.99)
The world of gastronomy awaits! As a team of new restaurant owners, players must work together efficiently to make their gastronomic endeavor a success. They will have to use only the finest ingredients, season with the freshest herbs and avoid keeping their guests waiting – only then their restaurant will prosper. Kitchen Rush is a cooperative real-time worker place-ment game that evokes the feel of a busy kitchen by using hourglasses ... [View Details]
[PARPBW9006] Conquest: W’adrhun - Warbred (SRP:$45.00)
Shunned by the rest of W’adrhun society, these genetic throwbacks often band together into combat units. Huge, fierce and with little to lose, Warbred are a terrifying force on the battlefield as they seek to atone for the sin of killing their mother at birth and earn the notice of the Cult of War to join their ranks. 3 Plastic Miniatures, 3 Cavalry Stands, 3 Cavalry Bases, 1 Command Card Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[PARPBW9003] Conquest: W’adrhun - Raptor Riders (SRP:$45.00)
As a byproduct of the diverse genetic material from which the W’adrhŭn were developed, a portion of their population has developed an almost supernatural empathy with beasts. A curious twist to this legacy seems to be that the females bond with predators while males bond with herbivores. Mounted on fierce raptors these agile warrior units can range across the entire battlefield bringing their savagery to play where most needed 3 Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command model ... [View Details]
[PGU51846E] Doodle Dungeon (SRP:$29.99)
A visit to the dungeon can be quite the tormenting affair on the hero side of life, so why not switch sides and become a certified dungeon architect instead? In Doodle Dungeon, each player works on their own dungeon blueprint. Drafted cards determine which elements — monsters, traps, and treasures — they have to add immediately. After fourteen cards have been drafted, the blueprint is passed to the next player, who then draws the route an anthropomorphic test hero will take because these day ... [View Details]
[AKIABT830-5/0] Abteilung 502 Round Brush 5/0 (SRP:$5.99)
Round brushes are most commonly used in scale modeling for all kinds of details. The size of the tip is very important for the different details, just like its degree and hair characteristics that define the quality of a brush. [View Details]
[KROKRGA081] Kromlech Accessories: Obscured Legion Battle Ruler 9” [green] (SRP:$9.99)
This set contains one Obscured Legion Battle Ruler made from green fluorescent acrylic with engraved faction logo. It measures 9 inches along longest edge with edges of 3”, 2” and 1” for easier checking of most common distances. [View Details]
[GF9WOT15] World of Tanks: German Tank - Panzer III J (SRP:$12.00)
The speedy Panzer III J gives you plenty of ways to customise the performance of this iconic tank on the battlefield. [View Details]
[GF9WOT16] World of Tanks: American Tank - M10 Wolverine (SRP:$12.00)
World of Tanks: American Tank - M10 Wolverine [View Details]
[GF9WOT17] World of Tanks: Soviet Tank - KV-1s (SRP:$12.00)
There can be no doubt that the KV series of heavy tanks were fearsome beasts on the battlefield with their heavy armour and the KV-1S really brings a heavy dose of survivability thanks to the heavy tank rule. [View Details]
[GF9WOT18] World of Tanks: British Tank - Sherman Firefly (SRP:$12.00)
The Sherman VC Firefly acts like a tank destroyer with a massive Firepower 6 stat, but benefits from the medium tank rule that allows it to re-roll a blank attack dice. [View Details]
[KROKRBK046] Kromlech Tabletop Scenics: City Debris [Frostgrave] (5) (SRP:$24.99)
This set contains five stone rubble terrain pieces to fill spaces between the collapsed buidlings. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. [View Details]
[KROKRTS136] Kromlech Tabletop Scenics: Bell Tower [Frostgrave] (SRP:$43.75)
This set contains a ruined tower made of three modular levels with playable interior and detachable roof as well as one resing bell and three ladders. Includes full-color assembly instructions. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. [View Details]
[AGSGRPR206] Sword & Sorcery: Chaotic Familiars (SRP:$16.90)
The world of Sword & Sorcery - Chaotic Familiars is imbued with many mystical secrets, and familiars are but one of these! In the set The Ancient Chronicles: Lawful Familiars players can find these intelligent little creatures that are able to create a magical link with their humanoid friends. The ancient scrolls of the Archmagi classify Chaotic familiars into three types, each characterized by a deep bond with their owner: Domestic (Cat, Crow); Wild (Bat); Legendary (Drakeling, Imp). Each of ... [View Details]
[AGSGRPR210] Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles - Ghost Soul Form Heroes (SRP:$16.90)
The set Ancient Chronicles - Ghost Soul Form Heroes includes five finely sculpted miniatures which let the players replace the figures of the five heroes included in Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles when they die. Replacing the figure of the dead hero with the Ghost Soul version included in this set allows the players to immediately identify which characters are in Ghost Soul form during the game sessions. This set is also useful for those who like to paint their figures as these miniature ... [View Details]
[AGSGRPR214] Sword & Sorcery: Lawful Familiars (SRP:$16.90)
The world of Sword & Sorcery - Lawful Familiars is imbued with many mystical secrets, and familiars are but one of these! In the set The Ancient Chronicles: Lawful Familiars players can find these intelligent little creatures that are able to create a magical link with their humanoid friends. The ancient scrolls of the Archmagi classify Lawful familiars into three types, each characterized by a deep bond with their owner: Domestic (Dog); Wild (Boar, Horned Lizard, Owl); Legendary (Pixie). Eac ... [View Details]
[AGSGRPR201] Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles Core Set (SRP:$89.90)
Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles is a fully cooperative fantasy board game where players control legendary heroes with unique powers. One to five players control heroes awakened from the dead and made immortal by the will of the Gods, to destroy the corrupted deities scattered across the starless, stone-ceiling realm of the Underreign, with its dangerous ruins, ominous caves, and exotic cities. This new season will bring the game system to the next level, with new features enhancing the stor ... [View Details]
[GF9DUNE04] Dune Board Game: Game Mat with Special Edition Miniatures (SRP:$35.00)
Conquer Arrakis with this deluxe collectors game mat for Dune, A Game of Conquest, Diplomacy & Betrayal. Scaled up 135% for maximum visibility the Dune Game Mat is accompanied by Sandworm, Storm & Family Atomics special edition miniatures. [View Details]
[MGCMGKWL406] Kings Of War 3rd Edition: Cavern Dweller (SRP:$19.99)
Cavern Dwellers are but one of the horrors found within the expansive northern ice caves. These creatures are able to slow their metabolisms and go years without food. They lurk motionless in the darkness, waiting for their prey to wander within their ensnaring reach. They are blind but their remaining senses are highly tuned. With the willing assistance of the cruel cave trolls, a clan may risk the dangers of capturing one of these ghastly beings to keep it chained up for years. Starving and ha ... [View Details]
[AGSFF767] FIEF France (SRP:$80.00)
FIEF France is a game of dynastic ambition in which players assume the roles of French nobles during the Middle Ages and they strive to become a ruling force in the kingdom. In turn, they acquire Royal and Ecclesiastical titles which give their families influence to elect the next Pope and King. strengthening their positions by negotiating marriage alliances! In FIEF France, a player may attempt to gain control of all the villages in a Fief to gain the Royal Title of Baron, Earl, or Duke, and ... [View Details]
[SPCH0084] Miniature Terrain: Enchanted Wood (SRP:$34.25)
This set contains 3 high-quality resin trees, which create the Enchanted Wood. Trees can be assembled to the bases at different angles thanks to their round bottom, so you won't have two trees that look exactly the same. The Enchanted Wood is a perfect scenery for wargaming battlefields and it allows you to create both huge forests and smaller groves. The set requires assembling, cleaning, and painting. Set contains: 3 tree trunks 3 bases 16 branches Scale: 28 mm [View Details]
[MUH052147] Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - NCR Top Brass (SRP:$26.00)
The NCR has created strong military procedure and structure to aid its efforts on the front line. While the commanders themselves come with different attitudes and levels of experience, they all fight for the good of the NCR. Chief Hanlon is the leader of the Rangers, his explosive tactics being instrumental in the events of the first battle for hoover dam. General Oliver is in charge of the NCR’s Mojave forces. While no lover of Chrief Hanlon or the rangers, he is a staunch support of the NCR ... [View Details]
[BFMTGR002] Team Yankee: (German) Wiesel TOW Panzerabwehr Zug (x4) (SRP:$27.00)
Contains 4 Wiesel TOW Tank-hunters and 1 Unit Card Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[GF9GM1002P] Gamemaster: Hot Wire Foam Cutter (SRP:$19.99)
This incredibly precise Hot Wire Foam Cutter will give you clean, accurate and fast cuts – every time! It is the perfect tool for cutting XPS foam sheets for any dungeon backdrop, wargaming terrain or landscape scenery. GAMEMASTER: HOT WIRE FOAM CUTTER: • Hold activation button to quickly heat wire to 300° • Move slow for precise cuts – and protect wire • Max cut size: 4 cm × 12 cm / 1.5 “ by 4.7 “ [View Details]
[AEG7096] Sheepy Time (SRP:$39.99)
You are the Dream Sheep- The sheep that people count in order to drift off to Dreamland! Each time you jump the fence, you help everyone fall asleep easier. But beware the Nightmares that haunt these dreams and threaten a rude awakening Play your cards right, use your Zzzs on the sweetest dreams, and prove you are the dreamiest sheep of All! CONTENTS 1 Game Board 1 Fence Token 1 Scoreboard 1 First Sheep Token 4 Sheep Tokens 4 Wink Tokens 4 Pillow Tokens ... [View Details]
[GF9GM1003P] Gamemaster: XPS Scenery Foam Booster Pack (SRP:$19.99)
Once you start building dungeons, modern cityscapes or rugged sci-fi ruins it gets hard to stop! Restock on XPS Foam sheets with this booster pack, and expand your adventures and gaming boards endlessly. The XPS Scenery Foam Booster Pack contains 7 pieces of XPS Foam boards supplying you with hours of hobby time - enjoy! GAMEMASTER: XPS SCENERY FOAM BOOSTER PACK: • Perfect hobby building material • Holds detail well • Structurally strong • Leightweight ... [View Details]
[MUH052148] Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Caesar's Legion Core Box (SRP:$50.00)
Dictatorship or unity are a matter of point of view. While many of the actions and edicts of Caesar are tyrannical and brutal, they forge great warriors and hardiness out of the men and women who embrace them, from the Grand Canyon to the Colorado river. With New Vegas in sight and the Mojave wasteland ripe to be conquered, Caesar’s Legion marches forth to glory. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[ADA15501] Traveller Miniatures: Imperial Fleet Box 1 (SRP:$69.95)
1 Plankwell BB 2 Azhanti High Lightning CFs 2 Gionetti CLs 4 Fer-de-lance ES 4 Chrysanthemum ES 1:7200 Scale, Traveller Spaceships Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[ADA15201] Traveller Miniatures: Beowulf Free Trader Pack (1) (SRP:$17.95)
1:2500 scale miniatures of the Beowulf Free Trader, used within the Third Imperium The package contains one (1) miniature. If you need bases, please check out our accessories section. This miniatures is 1.7 " long and single piece casting, they are not prepainted and are cast in lead-free pewter. [View Details]
[ADA15602] Traveller Miniatures: Zhodani Reinforcements 1 (SRP:$29.95)
1 Driafria CVA 6 Vlezhdatl CS 1:7200 Scale, Traveller Spaceships Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[PSG101] Dungeon Drop (Core Game) (SRP:$19.99)
Instant Dungeon. ​Infinite Possibilities! Gather your gear and prepare to dive into the labyrinth! Teeming with untold treasure, the tunnels are said to be inhabited by unusual creatures, both adorable and terrible. Keep your wits about you as the very walls shift in the's time to drop into the dungeon! Dungeon Drop is a lightweight dungeon crawler for 1-4 players, featuring a novel spatial element that assures no two games could possibly be the same. At the start of eac ... [View Details]
[AMMBD0018-1] AMMO: Grinding Pen - 1mm x 1mm size (SRP:$23.99)
Grinding and polishing pen size 1mm x 1mm [View Details]
[AMMBD0015] AMMO: 1/35 Leaf Maker (SRP:$7.25)
Make realistic leafs in scale 1/35th. 4 in 1 [View Details]
[AMMBD0009K] AMMO: Precision Special Model Scissors (Straight) (SRP:$26.99)
Super precision straight scissors for modeling [View Details]
[AMMBD0033-D] AMMO: Metal Tool Handle (Black) (SRP:$15.99)
Metal Tool Handle for Cemented Carbide Engraver (BD0007 Series). Black colour [View Details]
[PZO7116] Starfinder RPG: Galaxy Exploration Manual (SRP:$39.99)
The worlds of infinite space are yours to discover with the Galaxy Exploration Manual! This all-new Starfinder rules expansion hardcover for players and Game Masters focuses on trailblazing, exploration-based play across an expansive variety of unusual planets packed with deadly dangers and thrilling possibilities for adventure! The Galaxy Exploration Manual contains: * New class options for every Starfinder class. * An extensive player character background generator. * New equipment fro ... [View Details]

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