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New Product Releases

[MUH050386] Conan RPG: Conan the King (SRP:$32.99)
Welcome to the Throne! Just as Conan’s ultimate destiny was to claim the throne of Aquilonia, the crown jewel of the Hyborian civilizations, Conan the King is the ultimate sourcebook to those kingdoms and the most dangerous battlefield of all: that of the court. With the guidelines contained within this book, players may fight to earn thrones of their own; or die trying. [View Details]
[NOROAKHF02] 28mm Fantasy: (Oathmark) Halfling Soldiers (10) (SRP:$16.75)
10 Halfling Soldiers armed with hand weapons. Random selection of figures armed with hand weapons. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. [View Details]
[MFC33016] Cyberpunk Red RPG: Edgerunners E (SRP:$20.00)
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[MFC33015] Cyberpunk Red RPG: CRaBs (SRP:$20.00)
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[NOROAKHF04] 28mm Fantasy: (Oathmark) Halfling Archers (10) (SRP:$16.75)
10 Halfling Archers Random selection of figures, you might not get all the figures shown in the photograph. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. [View Details]
[MUH052057] Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms Imperial Legion Reinforcements Box (SRP:$49.00)
Fight for the future of Tamriel with the Imperial Legion Reinforcements Expansion. The Imperials gain vital ranged support from three Imperial Archers, while three new Imperial Soldiers in Heavy Armour join the fight, ready to form the vanguard against the rebellious Stormcloaks! [View Details]
[EEG-GFCORE01] Gunfighter (Core Game) (SRP:$24.99)
Someone said the wrong thing, looked at you the wrong way, shot your friend, trampled your dog, stole your lover... and you've had enough! You'll be meeting them in the center of town at high noon. You'll settle this the only way you know how... with an epic showdown in Gunfighter! A lifetime of gunfighting has equipped you with a unique set of actions that are represented by cards. These cards can be used to ensure that your gun’s chamber stays loaded while your aim stays true. [View Details]
[PIP83018] Warcaster: Paladin Siegebreaker – Iron Star Alliance Solo (resin/metal) (SRP:$19.99)
A walking arsenal of advanced firepower, the Paladin Siegebreaker strides the battlefield from within the eye of the storm, obliterating any obstacle in its path with overwhelming force. Though slow and plodding under the weight of heavy exo-armor, the Siegebreaker’s arcantrik turbine can speed up his pace in battle. Though capable of attacking with all of his weaponry simultaneously, the Siegebreaker’s mechanika Power Focus enables it to channel Arc into a single guided attack, meaning he c ... [View Details]
[KARWSS115] Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine: Issue #115 (SRP:$9.99)
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 115 with Technology during the American Civil War Though the American Civil War still felt decidedly Napoleonic at the start, by its end, a range of new innovations had given the conflict a far more modern feel. Technology during the American Civil War Eoghan Kelly, 'Innovation and development in the American Civil War - War is cruelty'. Eoghan Kelly, 'The Battle for Island Number Ten, February - April 1862 - Running the Mississippi gauntle ... [View Details]
[SPCM2011] Umbra Turris: Giant Spider (SRP:$22.75)
This set contains one Giant Spider and one 60 mm square base. Requires cleaning, assembling and painting. Giant Spider is a miniature dedicated for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game, but can be used in other 28 mm scale miniature games set in the Umbra Turris Universe. Scale: 28 mm Length of the body: 55 mm Width of the body: 27 mm Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[KARAHM34] Ancient History Magazine: Issue #34 (SRP:$11.99)
Ancient History Magazine 34 with fun and games in the ancient world How did Egyptians, Greeks and Romans relax and have fun? Even though modern conceptions of 'free time' and 'leisure' do not easily overlap with the situation in antiquity, people still found plenty of opportunities for play. Theme: Fun and games in the ancient world Murray Dahm, 'Ancient leisure activities - Spectans et frigidulus'. Colleen Darnell, 'The significance of Mehen and Senet - Gaming the Egyptian af ... [View Details]
[WYR23819] Malifaux (M3E): Nexus Core Box (SRP:$55.00)
Contents: Nexus 2x Shambling Nests 5x Eyes and Ears Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[WYR23820] Malifaux (M3E): Under Your Skin (SRP:$50.00)
Contents: Dr. Meredith Stanley Nightsilk Creeper 3x Berserker Husks Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[WYR23823] Malifaux (M3E): Turning Tides (SRP:$50.00)
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. Contents: Harata Ngaatoro Tidecaller 2x Harpooner [View Details]
[PSCWW2V15018] 15mm WWII (Russian): GAZ Trucks (SRP:$42.75)
includes 5 x GAZ-AA Trucks, and 5 x GAZ-AAA Trucks (10 models in total) Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[CHA23157] Call Of Cthulhu: Scritch Scratch (SRP:$9.99)
What terror lurks within the gloomy woodlands surrounding a sleepy English Village? For two to six players, Scritch Scratch and can be played in one or two sessions. Set in the modern-day, in a quiet valley somewhere in the north of England, this adventure concerns the demise of an age-old tradition in the quaint village of Muscoby—and the consequences of forgetting the Old Ways. Muscoby has never not had a rat catcher. Old Gurteen has been carrying on the tradition in the village, but rec ... [View Details]
[AKIABT738] Abteilung 502: Deutsche Uniformen (1919-1945) Vol 2 (SRP:$49.50)
Abteilung 502: Deutsche Uniformen (1919-1945) Vol 2 [View Details]
[AKIAK2937] AK-Interactive: Aces High Magazine Issue 18 - Trainers (SRP:$13.50)
AK-Interactive: Aces High Magazine Issue 18 - Trainers [View Details]
[CHA4034-H] RuneQuest RPG: The Red Book of Magic (HC) (SRP:$34.99)
Dive into the ultimate guide to magic for RuneQuest! Penned by Zzabur, the Sorcerer Supreme himself, The Red Book of Magic is the indispensable source for expanded Rune & Spirit magic. It’s an essential expansion to the RuneQuest experience for players and Gamemasters alike. A Tome of Spells Over 500 spells for both Run and spirit magic. These spells can be used by adventurers and NPC’s alike. Also detailed are rules for Gamemasters to devise their own Rune spells. New Beasts & Mon ... [View Details]
[MGP40037] Traveller RPG: Shadows of Sindal (SRP:$44.99)
Shadows of Sindal is a three-part campaign set against the backdrop of the Pirates of Drinax. The discovery of a long-forgotten key prompts a mission to Paal, an easy task to find and open a vault containing treasures from the Empire of Sindal. King Oleb expects a quick return with a huge payoff, but nothing is ever that simple. In Search of Sindal: The Travellers voyage to Paal and search for the vault. They discover that someone has used a horrific bioweapon against Aslan settlers in t ... [View Details]
[ONXVTM5002] Vampire The Masquerade RPG: Cults of the Blood Gods (SRP:$55.00)
Cults of the Blood Gods is a new style of sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition that introduces the pernicious horror of twisted beliefs. Designed for players and Storytellers. An in-character breakdown of the rise of esoteric beliefs among the ranks of the undead and how faith drives many of the major aspects of vampire culture. When you have already experienced death, why have faith? If you accept that you and everyone like you is cursed by God, why cling to His word? When you ret ... [View Details]
[PIP85006] Warcaster: Harlan Sek, the Curator – Wild Card Hero Solo (metal) (SRP:$14.99)
Harlan Sek is a notorious smuggler, procurer, and dealer of rare and exotic mechanika artifacts. Lacking any discernable moral structure or ethical code, Sek is motivated only by profit. While he has served most of the Factions of the Hyperuranion, he has burned nearly every bridge, leaving the Aeternus Continuum as his most steady employer. Secretly, however, the smuggler serves two masters. While on a mission to a distant world deep in Empyrean space, Sek was captured and forced to plead for h ... [View Details]
[PIP51137] Monsterpocalypse: Ketos Crab – Tritons Building (resin/metal) (SRP:$21.99)
The Ketos Crab is a new building that can be added to any Monsterpocalpyse force. It acts as a Base for Triton units, thus making it particularly useful to players who play that Faction. With sufficient investment, this strange living building can Annex territory from your opponent, and friendly units can even hitch a ride along with the crab. [View Details]
[PIP51140] Monsterpocalypse: Myriad Singularity – Masters of the 8th Dimension Building (resin) (SRP:$21.99)
The Myriad Singularity is a new building that can be added to any Monsterpocalpyse force. It acts as a Base for Masters of the 8th Dimension units, thus making it particularly useful to players who play that Faction. The reality around the Myriad Singularity does not function in any way human scientists can grasp; however,on merely a whim, forces controlling a singularity can create Spatial Anomalies that are entirely unknowable while being incredibly advantageous. [View Details]
[MGCMGKWE403] Kings Of War 3rd Edition: Elf Drakon Riders Regiment (SRP:$49.99)
Also known as cold drakes, these winged reptiles are smaller cousins of the dragons. They are easier to tame than their larger kin but are no less ferocious for it. Drakon Riders form units of fearsome, winged shock cavalry. Contents: 3x resin models, 3x 50mm bases Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. [View Details]
[PLE10200] Burger Academy (SRP:$15.00)
Some people think flipping burgers is pretty easy. But can you flip this burger? Burger Academy will have you schooling your friends when you compete to see who can plan out their movements to flip the burger to match the image you are given. Use your bid cards to see who can do it in the fewest moves! But don't bluff! The person who bids the fewest moves has to attempt to flip the burger! Contents: • 19 Foam Burger Parts • 50 Burger Cards • 40 French Fry Cards • 1 Fry Holder • ... [View Details]
[TAK680589] Lost Cities: Roll & Write (SRP:$14.95)
Get rolling on your next Lost Cities adventure! Begin your expedition on one of six colored paths by rolling the smallest possible numbers on the dice. Each turn, decide whether to continue an expedition or start a new one. Acceleration fields and artifacts provide opportunities to advance quickly, but you’ll have to carefully consider which paths to take on which roll. If you make good progress, victory beckons — but if an expedition gets stuck, you will lose points just as quickly as y ... [View Details]
[UPR10300] Sweetlandia (SRP:$15.00)
Have you ever dreamed of a place made entirely of delicious treats? Now you can realize that dream by becoming a city planner for the beautiful and tasty Sweetlandia! Use bidding cards to acquire building areas from a delectable collection of locations: Gumdrop Garden, Rocky Road, Marshmallow Mountain, Lemonade Lake, Candy Cornfields and many others. Choose the right locations to achieve your goals and earn the most Donuts from Mayor McSweet. Make good choices, and watch Sweetlandia grow! ... [View Details]
[MGCMGARB401] Armada: Basilean Dictator (SRP:$29.99)
Perhaps the largest and most powerful vessels in any human navy, these incredibly rare ships are a sight to behold. Despite their four masts, they are heavy and slow compared to other Basilean ships. The firepower of a Dictator-class is formidable to say the least, and their crews amongst the most disciplined in the fleet. Their three-and-a-half gun decks can bring to bear broadsides of up to 100 cannon, firing in an interrupted sequence. When the smoke clears, it is an exceptional foe indeed th ... [View Details]
[MGCMGARO401] Armada: Orc Ripper Hulk (SRP:$29.99)
The largest and most improbable orc vessels are the Ripper Hulks –and hulks they indeed are. Captained by the highest-ranking Krudgerin the fleet, their tactics are simple but effective. In battle, they sail slowly and inexorably towards the biggest, baddest enemy ship they can reach, and set to work with their crude machinery –huge saws powered by goblin crank-wheels that can cut a three-decker in half, mechanical battering rams capable of denting even a dwarf ironclad, and other devices mo ... [View Details]
[R4I50407-7C] Polyhedral Dice Set: Set-7 Diffusion Amethyst dice w/ Arch'd4 & Balance'd20 (SRP:$10.99)
This set of 7 polyhedral dice is designed in R4I's beautiful Diffusion Amethyst style. It includes our unique Arch'd4 and Balance'd20. The Arch'd4 is a top-read bigger die that's easier to pick up, roll, and read. The Balance'd20 has a special balanced arrangement of numbers to ensure the most even distribution of rolls; opposite sides add to 21 and adjacent 5 sides add to 52 or 53. All R4I dice average about 20% larger than traditional dice and come in a plastic display box. [View Details]
[RIO602] Iberian Railways (SRP:$39.95)
In Iberian Railways, 3 to 5 players compete to build railways to connect the many important cities in Spain and Portugal. Each player starts the game with no money. The railways must be financed by taking loans from the Bank of Madrid. The players need to plan their routes carefully to generate the most income. Players can also invest in local businesses that will pay out handsome bonuses once the railway reaches their locations. The player who best manages their railways will be victorious. ... [View Details]
[GTGKDRL-CORE] Kill Doctor Lucky: Deluxe 24 3/4 Anniversary Edition (SRP:$39.95)
Welcome to Lucky Mansion, a sprawling country estate filled with unusual weapons, good hiding places, and craven killers. Killers like you. The object? To kill Doctor Lucky. The obstacles? For one thing, all your friends would rather do it first. For another, Doctor Lucky is aptly named! Now with NEW cat and dog tokens! The household cat and dog can help you with your terrible plans, or stop you! [View Details]
[NORSGV01] Stargrave: Template Set 1 (SRP:$17.50)
This set conatins the templates and markers you need to play the game, each full colour and double sided. BOTH SIDES SHOWN IN ILLUSTRATION Including: Flamer Template Small template 3" Diameter Large template 4" Diameter 5 Loot tokens (1 side Data, 1 side Physical) [View Details]
[SPCB5199] 28mm Fantasy -Orcs: Orcs Heads in Side Caps (10) (SRP:$11.50)
This set contains ten Orcs Heads in Side Caps ideal for converting fantasy and sci-fi miniatures in a 28 mm scale. Require cleaning and painting. [View Details]
[SPCB5866] 28mm Sci-Fi - Space Knights: Feral Tabards (10) (SRP:$11.50)
This set contains ten Feral Tabards ideal for converting fantasy and sci-fi miniatures in a 28 mm scale. Require cleaning and painting. [View Details]
[R4I44200] Luxury Faux Leather Dice Box / Rolling Tray (1) (SRP:$23.99)
Role 4 Initiative's dice box / rolling tray features a leather look exterior with soft felt interior. Three separate compartments hold up to 30 dice and 3 minis. Gold foil logos on both interior and exterior give it a touch of class. Convert between storage box and rolling tray in a snap. Magnets ensure the box stays closed during transport and remains open in the tray configuration for rolling dice. Packaging features a cardboard sleeve with a hang tab. Mini and dice shown for scale ... [View Details]
[STM507] Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets & Soirees Expansion (SRP:$20.00)
The king is throwing a party and inviting all the neighbors! This expansion to Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig expands the game up to 8 players with two new room types (activity and secret rooms), a new specialty room type (ballrooms), more bonus cards, and a new throne room. Would you rather party alone? This box also includes an Automa solo mode for the base game and the expansion, as well as optional rules for a new mode of play for 2-8 players in which you build your own castle ins ... [View Details]
[TAK691486] My City (SRP:$34.95)
My City is a unique, family-oriented legacy gaming experience that is played in relatively short episodes. The game consists of 24 different episodes beginning with the development of a city in its early preindustrial stages and progressing through industrialization.During each game, players customize their experience by adding elements to their own boards, altering cards, or even in some cases, destroying them and removing them from play entirely. Players’ choices and actions made during one ... [View Details]
[GF9WOT26] World of Tanks: British Tank - Comet (SRP:$12.00)
The British Comet looks a little like the trusty Cromwell but on steroids. With great mobility, above average firepower and finally, outstanding survivability for a Medium tank. Of course, you can also double down on your best tank with a few upgrades to help you squeeze a little more performance out of it. 1 Assembled Plastic Tank Customize your tanks with Crew, Module, and Equipment cards! Online bonus code for new and existing players [View Details]
[GF9WOT25] World of Tanks: Soviet Tank - IS-2 (SRP:$12.00)
The IS-2 may be the Soviet answer to the Tiger 1. As well as benefiting from being a heavy tank the Big Gun modifier also brings a firepower of 6 boosting a hit to a critical, whilst reducing your enemy hits, making it an aggressive choice to clear the table of your opponents. 1 Assembled Plastic Tank Customize your tanks with Crew, Module, and Equipment cards! Online bonus code for new and existing players [View Details]
[APU8144] Delta Green RPG: Lover In the Ice (SRP:$14.99)
LOATHSOME SECRETS AWAKEN. An apocalyptic ice storm has crippled Lafontaine, Missouri. The Agents must brave the elements to find a missing “Friendly” and secure a forgotten storage facility packed with artifacts of past operations. They soon confront an appalling horror that invades and mutilates its victims in the most gruesomely intimate ways. What is preying on the citizens of Lafontaine? Can the Agents overcome the threat with decisive investigation and action? Or will they doom everyone ... [View Details]
[EAC101] D&D 5th Edition: Evan and Colin's Monster Cards (5E) (SRP:$29.99)
Evan and Colin's Monster Cards for 5e are 70 huge reference cards for the most commonly used creatures in 5th edition DnD. Inspire and entertain your players with amazing art on one side and official stats on the other. These cards feature a beautiful, modern design and focus on usability at the table. Take your tabletop games to the next level with these easy to use cards. [View Details]
[WLG728819904] Warlords of Erehwon: Mythic Americas - Pre-Columbian Temple #1 (SRP:$72.00)
The people of pre-Columbian America build elaborate stepped pyramids of great religious and spiritual significance. These temples were the centre of their culture and would be defended fiercely against any attack. This scenery pack adds a classic pre-Columbian location to your games! Contains one laser-cut MDF pre-Columbian step temple – which can serve as a temple, dwelling, or ruin in order to give your games of Mythic Americas and Warlords of Erehwon an extra dimension. This the firs ... [View Details]
[LGP466DH015E] D&D 5th Edition: The Dragon’s Hoard #1 (5E) (SRP:$12.99)
Magic, Monsters, and More! The Dragon’s Hoard is a monthly anthology of magic items, spells, monsters, and more for your 5th Edition campaign! Each issue of The Dragon’s Hoard takes every new magic item, spell, monster, or other new rules content from our ongoing Legendary Loot Patreon and presents it for you, with dozens of new elements beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash on your players! In this month's features you'll find: The Treasure Trove, featuring magnificent magic item ... [View Details]
[WLG312414007] Black Powder: Epic Battles - American Civil War Dismounted Cavalry (SRP:$56.00)
The role of Cavalry during the American Civil War went through a peculiar evolution. The realities of the evolving battlefield required a change from the tactics of previous wars. A headlong charge into formed enemy infantry or artillery became an unnecessary risk, the firepower they wielded more than enough to prevent any such charge from hitting home. Cavalry thus fought differently in the civil war than previous conflicts, though their role was no less pivotal. Headlong cavalry charges we ... [View Details]
[WLG728819906] Warlords of Erehwon: Mythic Americas - Pre-Columbian Village (SRP:$48.00)
The people of pre-Columbian America built their homes in the steaming jungles of Mesoamerica. These dwellings formed the hub of their lives and society and were often the targets of raiders and invaders. This detailed scenery pack adds a classic pre-Columbian location to your games! Contains three laser-cut MDF pre-Columbian dwellings with synthetic roof thatch – which can serve as a homes, outposts, or ruins in order to give your games of Mythic Americas and Warlords of Erehwon an extra d ... [View Details]
[WFG-SIN100] Sins RPG (Core Rules) (SRP:$60.00)
At its heart, SINS is a narrative role-playing game, focused on telling the stories of Nemissaries – powerful individuals reborn into a mysterious post-apocalyptic world fraught with supernatural dangers and dominated by an undead hivemind known only as the Brood. SINS is a game about choice, and the consequences which come from wielding great and terrible power. It’s also about horror and survival in an unforgiving world fraught with danger, where morality and necessity propose problems th ... [View Details]
[AGSPHGA068] Rocketmen (Core Game) (SRP:$39.95)
Rocketmen is a game which lets the players immerse themselves in a fast-paced race to the final frontier: Space. Rocketmen, a new Phalanx game for 1 – 4 players, is a deck-building confrontation of swift decision-making and tactical choices, giving players the feel of taking a front seat in a technologically wonderful spectacle of space exploration. Players will use their predictive abilities and resource management skills to determine what kind of endeavor would be most suitable for reaching ... [View Details]
[MUH052162] Dune RPG (Core Rulebook) (SRP:$59.99)
ARRAKIS. DUNE. DESERT PLANET. The Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game takes you into a far future beyond anything you have imagined, where fear is the mind killer so be sure to keep your wits about you. The Imperium is a place of deadly duels, feudal politics, and mysterious abilities, noble Houses politic constantly for power, influence, and vengeance in a universe where a blade can change the fortunes of millions. Build your House, carve your place in the universe or rebuild an ... [View Details]

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