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The Void RPG: Horrors Of The Void

Code: WDF33100
Manufacturer: Wildfire LLC
The Void RPG: Horrors Of The Void

SRP: $24.99
Cost: please inquire
As the Chthonian Star approaches, its alien energies bathe our solar system. Its power brings many changes. The ecosystem of Callisto is transforming, things stir in the depths of Mars, and songs drift across the frozen winds of Neptune. As a Warden, you will come face to face with these aberrations and more. The children of the Chthonian Star, the unspeakable horrors that are awakening, are no longer creatures of nightmare. They're the enemy.

In a solar system where monster lurk around every corner, it's important to be armed. However, weapons are rarely enough. It's knowledge that wins the day - the kind of knowledge that Horrors of the Void provides. Horrors of the Void bring players detailed descriptions of both the creatures presented in The Void Core, such as the void-dwelling Karrak'in or the sickening Seethari, as well as a host of new monstrosities to use in their game, such as the terrifying beautiful Voidwyrms, the swarms of the V'roxy, and insidious Liches.

Note: This is not a complete game and requires the base game to play.