Wil Wheaton and Bicycle have announced their collaboration on a number of board games.
Retail Launch Bundle that includes: GF9ALIENS01 $60.00 Aliens - Another Glorious Day In The Corps (co-op boardgame based on the hit movie) GF9ALIENS02 $30.00 Aliens: Ultimate Badasses Expansion GF9ALIENS03 $60.00 Aliens: Get Away from her you B*tch! Expansion
Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps is a co‑operative survival board-game.

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AMMO: Modelling School - Urban Dioramas

Code: AMMAMIG6215
Manufacturer: AMMO by Mig Jimenez
AMMO: Modelling School - Urban Dioramas

SRP: $29.99
Cost: please inquire
MODELLING SCHOOL: URBAN DIORAMAS methodically explains the tricks used by some of the best diorama modellers to build and paint different types of buildings including both modern and historic structures new and weather beaten.

This title also examines each unique component including various roof styles of wooden shingles, slate, or ceramic tiles. Building and painting techniques are shown for different types of façades such as stone, plaster, brick, cement, or concrete and the different types of paths including cobblestone, concrete, asphalt, dirt, and grass surfaces.

This complete guide also explains in detail:

How to make the most common and distinguishing elements found in urban settings such as street lamps, pipes, drains and manholes, signs, wooden or metal elements, and the typical vegetation found growing in urban areas.
The techniques and products used to achieve all kinds of weathering effects that can be seen on buildings and in urban settings, allowing the reader to choose the level of wear and tear to be depicted in the different elements of each scene or diorama.

This book puts many techniques and effects at your disposal. Several degrees of difficulty allow you to choose the level of complexity that best suits your needs and preferences, while creating excellent results.