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GuildBall: Kick Off! Event Launch Kit (2017) [Retail Only][Limited]

Code: STFACC03027
Manufacturer: Steam Forged Games
GuildBall: Kick Off! Event Launch Kit (2017) [Retail Only][Limited]

SRP: $30.00
Cost: please inquire
The Kick Off! Launch Event brings the iconic Masons vs Brewers finals match of Sovereign States Championship to life. Coaches pick a side to support and play games of Guild Ball to give their pick the upper-hand. Who will come out on top: Honour and her rock-solid Masons or Tapper and his rowdy Brewers? Be there on game day to find out!

This kit includes: 2 double-sided posters (rolled, not folded!), 40 event cards, 20 quick reference sheets, 1 Guild Ball Demo Guide, 30 Guild Ball Quick Start Rules, 10 Blue Team Honour Badges, 10 Yellow Team Tapper Badges, 20 double-sided score cards/event rules, 1 Tower model, and 1 Stoker model.