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Pathfinder RPG: Fehr's Ethnology Complete (Pathfinder)

Code: 4WF205
Manufacturer: 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
Pathfinder RPG: Fehr's Ethnology Complete (Pathfinder)

SRP: $29.99
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On the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra, humanity is only one member of a myriad of races on a world young enough to remember a time before the Gods...

Is your fantastic alter-ego a decadent erkunae from the city-island of Erkusaa? Or a bestial ith'n ya'roo, struggling for survival in the arctic wastes? Join the savage conflict between Gods and Elementals as a fanatical zendiqi or dour avoodim, using the unique races, feats, spells, and items written in these pages.

Over 30 archetypes for 12 new races, sample characters and more, all for you to enjoy and discover! Fehr's Ethnology Complete is a 130 page full-color, softcover Pathfinder Compatible Product.